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Support, Sample & CAD (DXF) Files

(pdf)Important User Information (20k)


Samples Programs and Support Files

Current Products

Legacy Products

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up6K Series

upACR and IPA Support & Sample Files

Software Updates

AcroBasic Program Samples

HMI Project Samples(InteractX/Xpress)

PC Program Samples for ACR9xxx and IPA

Application Notes

How to Videos for 96xx controllers

Program Samples and Application Notes for 96xx controllers

upCompax3 Information

upCompax3 DVD Examples

upGem6K Information

upGemini Information

upCAD (DXF & 3D) files of Compumotor motors and gearheads

BE Motors

  • 320K BE Servo Motors size 16
  • 1.48M BE Servo Motors size 16 3D STP file
  • 529K BE Servo Motors size 23
  • 1.87M BE Servo Motors size 23 3D STP file
  • 93K iBE Servo Motor/Drive/Controller size 23
  • 502K BE Servo Motors size 34
  • 2.06M BE Servo Motors size 34 3D STP file
  • 75K iBE Servo Motor/Drive/Controller size 34

APEX and Z Motors

  • 605.ZIP 25K APEX and Z 605 Motors
  • 620.ZIP 22K APEX and Z 620 Motors
  • 630.ZIP 17K APEX and Z 630 Motors

    Dynaserv Motors
  • 11KB DM-A Series Dynaserv Motors (8/28/97)
  • 11KB DM-B Series Dynaserv Motors (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DR-A Series Dynaserv Motors (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DR-B Series Dynaserv Motors (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DR-E Series Dynaserv Motors (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DM1004B Dynaserv Motor (8/28/97)
  • 13KB DM1004C Dynaserv Motor (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DR1008B Dynaserv Motor (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DR1200A Dynaserv Motor (6/6/00)
  • 10KB DM8015B High Accuracy Dynaserv Motor (8/28/97)

    Gearheads - Obsolete, Integrated gearheads no longer supported.
    Please use Bayside PV instead.
  • 205K NEMA 16 integrated gearheads
  • 202K NEMA 23 integrated gearheads
  • 201K NEMA 34 integrated gearheads
  • N092GH_1.ZIP 55K NeoMetric size 92 single-stage Gearheads (ratios 3:1 to 10:1)
  • N092GH_2.ZIP 69K NeoMetric size 92 double-stage Gearheads (ratios 15:1 to 50:1)

HV Motors

NeoMetric & J Motors. and Obsolete, Integrated gearheads no longer supported. Please use Bayside PV instead.

OS Motors

S, ZETA, ES Motors

upCAD (PDF) files of MaxPlus Motors

MaxPlus Motors

upCAD (DXF & 3D) files of Compumotor drives and controller/drives


upCAD (DXF) files of Compumotor controllers and indexers


upCAD (DXF) files of miscellaneous Compumotor products

upInteract & Motion Panel support and sample files

upInteractX support and sample files

upiSeries support and sample files

upParker I/O (PIO) support and sample files

  • PAR_07CB.GSD 73K PIO-333 Profibus fieldbus configuration file
  • PAR_07CC.GSD 72K PIO-343 Profibus fieldbus configuration file
  • PIO-306_V1p1.eds 28K PIO-306 DeviceNet fieldbus configuration file Version 1.1
  • PIO-346_V1p1.eds 28K PIO-346 DeviceNet fieldbus configuration file
  • PIO-337.EDS 792K PIO-337 CANopen fieldbus configuration file
  • PIO-347.EDS 150K PIO-347 CANopen fieldbus configuration file

upViX Series


up4000 Series

  • 4000APPS.ZIP 167K 4000 Dos Support Software 2.1, includes sample programs
  • 4000PRG2.ZIP 20K Collection of 8 sample 4000 programs
  • 4000SUP.ZIP 159K 4000 Application Developer
  • 4SAMP1.ZIP 1K Sample 4000 program
  • DATA_ARY.ZIP 1K 4000 data storage using index pointers
  • FEED2LEN.ZIP 2K 4000 feed to length application demo program
  • Q4000.ZIP 281K Uploads Numeric Q variables from the Model 4000
  • QQTEST.ZIP 2K 4000 QQ variable demonstration: cyclic buffer
  • SEG_DEMO.ZIP 1K 4000 Segmented move, sample program
  • SHAKYJAK.ZIP 13K Shaky Jake 4000 demo program (demos A-E)
  • TCHCAM.ZIP 3K Teach Cam programming example for the 4000-CFM

up6000 Series

  • 6000DOS.ZIP 196K 6000 Series DOS support software (6200, 6250) VERSION 1.4
  • 6000DRV.EXE 843K 6000 Series Driver & Samples (Version 1.3) 7/21/04
  • 6200SMPL.ZIP 3K Example Program for 6000 Series Products
  • 6200TEST.ZIP 2K Test program for the 6200 2-Axis Indexer with RP240
  • AT64EG.ZIP 39K Example code for c, basic & pascal
  • AT64FAST.ZIP 18K Updated AT6400 Download programs for faster computers
  • ATINPUT.ZIP 5K Demonstrates use of VB to add !' before user input
  • ATforNT.ZIP 20K Auto-load AT operating system in WindowsNT4.0 at Startup
  • ATUTIL.ZIP 26K Download, Start source code for AT6400
  • AUX2INFO.ZIP 1K AT6400 -Aux2 I/O information
  • CCAMTUT.ZIP 5K CompuCAM Tutorial.
  • COMPUCAM.ZIP 3K Text file information on CompuCAM (Computer Aided Motion)
  • DAISY.ZIP 2K Sample program demonstrating stand alone daisy chain communication
  • DDEEXAMPLE.ZIP 20k Labview5 with DDE6000 example
  • DEMO.ZIP 3K Example Program for 6000 Series Products
  • DLL6400.ZIP 42K Latest AT6400.DLL and NT DLL - also WIN6400.H and .LIB files - 2.4
  • ELECTRO.ZIP 114K Special software for the AT6450
  • ERR6400.ZIP 2K AT6400 example error program. Written for revision 2.2
  • FEED.ZIP 403K Feed to length code generator for the 6000 series.
  • FOLLOW.ZIP 2K Following demo programs for the 6000 Series
  • GO3_1.EXE 6K go.exe for windows 3.1, automatically opens panel
  • GO95.ZIP 712K Utility to run Motion Architect panel on computer power-up --- Win 95
  • GOOPEN.EXE 9K same as go95, but automatically connects panel
  • JOYTEACH.ZIP 2K Example program for 6000 Series Products
  • JTEACH.ZIP 3K Sample jog/joystick teach programs for 6000
  • M&M_DEMO.ZIP 275K C Language example application using AT6400 C Drivers
  • MAUPDATE.ZIP 462K Motion Architect Update Files (For Mot. Arc. 2.1)
  • MC60EXAM.ZIP 7K MicroSoft C AT6400 Communication Driver Example Code (6.0)
  • OCXEXAMPLE.ZIP 25k Labview5 with OCX Toolkit example (must have Labview 5 and OCX)
  • ODD.ZIP 1K test for odd/even numbers
  • OSLOAD.ZIP 38K Object Files for At6400 Operating System Loader
  • PANEL.ZIP 3K utility to run user specified 6000 Panel Session on startup - more info
  • PASCAL.ZIP 5K Turbo Pascal demonstration program for AT6400 control
  • QB45EXAM.ZIP 8K Quick Basic AT6400 Communication Driver Example Code (4.5)
  • SENDFILE.EXE 17K Example for downloading a file using the DLL Sendat6400File function.
  • SERIAL.C 7K Serial communication example code for windows 3.1
  • SPROCKET.ZIP 18K Compucam example
  • SUPER.txt 2K Superposition program.
  • TC20EXAM.ZIP 7K Turbo C AT6400 Communication Driver Example Code (TC 2.0)
  • TEACH.ZIP 6K 6000 teach program 6200, 6250, OEM6200
  • TP50EXAM.ZIP 7K Turbo Pascal AT6400 Communication Driver Example Code (5.0)
  • TTRP_0.ZIP 2K Utility to allow servo tuning on the 6250 via the RP240
  • TUSERVO.INI 5K Update 6000 Servo Tuner to support the latest hardware (7/18/97)
  • VAR2BCD.ZIP 0.6K Utility to convert a numeric variable to a BCD value
  • VB2VAR.ZIP 1K Example program for 6000 Series Products
  • VB30DEMO.ZIP 86K Visual Basic 3.0 Demo
  • VB4016.ZIP 75K Visual Basic 4.0 Demo (16 bit version)
  • VB40DEMO.ZIP 81K Visual Basic 4.0 Demo
  • VB60DEMO_AT6400_95.ZIP 428K VB6 Demo for the AT-cards in Windows 95/98/ME
  • VB60DEMO_AT6450_NT.ZIP 177K VB6 Demo for the AT-cards in Windows NT/2000/XP
  • VB6000DEMO.ZIP 2K Visual Basic 6.0 RS232 Demo
  • VB6400.ZIP 231K Visual Basic tester for AT6400 (+ source)
  • VBNTDEMO.ZIP 71K Visual Basic NT Demo
  • VBTERM.ZIP 8K Source code fro simple vb terminal to the AT6400 using WIN6400.DLL
  • WIN32SERIAL.ZIP 27K Visual C++ 5.0 serial communications example
  • WN956000.DLL 84K Windows 95 dll, updated 8/17/00

upDigiplan Information

  • PDINFO.ZIP 26K Useful PDS/PDX info, not in catalog or user guide
  • PDXCOMS.ZIP 52K PDX Communications progs in C and QuickBasic from User Guide
  • PKHINFO.ZIP 5K PK130/PK130M info not found in catalog or user guides

upMiscellaneous files including upgrades

  • BTORQ4P3.DAT 119K Updated motor data for sizing (9/03). Copy to sizing directory and rename "btorq.dat"
  • BTORQ4P0.DAT 106K Updated motor data for sizing; includes the SLVD (7/03). Copy to sizing directory and rename "btorq.dat"
  • SUSTAINING.DAT 24K Motor data for mature products (4/98). Copy to sizing directory and rename "btorq.dat"
  • C10INSTRREVB.PDF 86K C10 and C10H Cable Assembly Diagrams
  • CPFORM8.XLS 41K Custom Product Request for Quotation Form, Excel 5.0 Worksheet
  • CTERM.ZIP 7K Extremely simple terminal program in C with source
  • FINETALK.BA 5K fineserv basic
  • FINETALK.EXE 41K finetalk
  • INSTALL.ZIP 76K Updated installation program for Sizing
  • PART10.PPT 198K This is the replacement file for part10.ppt of the SX workshop.
  • PART2.PPT 300K This is the replacement for part2.ppt of the SX workshop files
  • PSPICE.EXE 285K pspice dos version
  • REVISION.DOC 8K Current revisions of Compumotor Software
  • SPROCKET.txt 117K CompuCAM example - very long program!
  • WEIGHTS.ZIP 16K Listing of product weights for Compumotor products
  • WRD4MAC5.DOC 27K Spreadsheet to Complex Motion Article in Word for Mac 5

upOEM support and sample files

     OEM770X is a newer version and replacement of the OEM670X & OEM675X.

  • 670X_JOG.ZIP 1K Example of how to create jog inputs for OEM670/675/770X - documented.
  • LOOP.ZIP 1K Sample program for OEM650X. Demonstrates looping.
  • OEM023.ZIP 190K OEM023-AT Indexer Support Software Disk
  • OEM6701.ZIP 1K Example velocity change program for OEM670X
  • OEM6702.ZIP 1K Example homing routine for OEM670X
  • OEM670X.ZIP 2K OEM670X Application Example program with documentation
  • OEM750X.ZIP 5K OEM750X general example program
  • SEQSEL.ZIP 1K Sample program to utilize sequence select inputs.



upSX/500/ZX Series

  • COIL.ZIP 2K Generic coil winding application
  • DEMOPAK.ZIP 2K 2 field application programs with comments
  • FOLEXMPL.ZIP 1K Extended X-Lang Following, example program
  • FOLLVEL1.ZIP 1K X-Language velocity following example
  • OUTP.ZIP 1K Output on position demo
  • QBTERM.ZIP 36K Quickbasic interrupt driven terminal emulator, source & exe
  • SERIAL.ZIP 16K "C" interrupt driven terminal emulator, source & exe. Good!
  • SHUNT.ZIP 42K Prerelease version of Parker Zdrive Shunt Regulator Sizing
  • SXDEMOS.ZIP 10K SX programs for field demos with templates
  • SXMANUAL.ZIP 4K Complete, documented SX application code example
  • XLANGDEMO.ZIP 7K Sample VB6.0 panel for X-Language serial communications


  • LX_SIZE.ZIP 132K LX sizing program
  • LYNC30.ZIP 69K Small shareware communications program for DOS
  • MOTION.ZIP 3K Motion Profile Calculator for Excel
  • PKZ204G.EXE 185K Pkunzip v2.0 required to use BBS files with .ZIP extension
  • TUSERVO.ZIP 124K tuservo.exe to run with windows NT operating system
  • ZIPMASTR.EXE 298K ZipMaster Windows UnZipping shareware program


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