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Support, Sample & CAD (DXF) Files

(pdf)Important User Information (20k)


Samples Programs and Support Files

Current Products

Legacy Products

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up6K Series

upACR and Aries Controller Support & Sample Files

Software Updates

How to Videos for 96xx controllers

Program Samples and Application Notes for 96xx controllers

AcroBasic Program Samples

HMI Project Samples(InteractX/Xpress)

PC Program Samples for ACR9xxx and Aries Controller

Application Notes

upCompax3 Information

upCompax3 DVD Examples

upGem6K Information

upGemini Information

upCAD (DXF & 3D) files of Compumotor motors and gearheads

BE Motors

  • 320K BE Servo Motors size 16
  • 1.48M BE Servo Motors size 16 3D STP file
  • 529K BE Servo Motors size 23
  • 1.87M BE Servo Motors size 23 3D STP file
  • 93K iBE Servo Motor/Drive/Controller size 23
  • 502K BE Servo Motors size 34
  • 2.06M BE Servo Motors size 34 3D STP file
  • 75K iBE Servo Motor/Drive/Controller size 34

APEX and Z Motors

  • 605.ZIP 25K APEX and Z 605 Motors
  • 620.ZIP 22K APEX and Z 620 Motors
  • 630.ZIP 17K APEX and Z 630 Motors

    Dynaserv Motors
  • 11KB DM-A Series Dynaserv Motors (8/28/97)
  • 11KB DM-B Series Dynaserv Motors (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DR-A Series Dynaserv Motors (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DR-B Series Dynaserv Motors (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DR-E Series Dynaserv Motors (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DM1004B Dynaserv Motor (8/28/97)
  • 13KB DM1004C Dynaserv Motor (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DR1008B Dynaserv Motor (8/28/97)
  • 10KB DR1200A Dynaserv Motor (6/6/00)
  • 10KB DM8015B High Accuracy Dynaserv Motor (8/28/97)

    Gearheads - Obsolete, Integrated gearheads no longer supported.
    Please use Bayside PV instead.
  • 205K NEMA 16 integrated gearheads
  • 202K NEMA 23 integrated gearheads
  • 201K NEMA 34 integrated gearheads
  • N092GH_1.ZIP 55K NeoMetric size 92 single-stage Gearheads (ratios 3:1 to 10:1)
  • N092GH_2.ZIP 69K NeoMetric size 92 double-stage Gearheads (ratios 15:1 to 50:1)

HV Motors

NeoMetric & J Motors. and Obsolete, Integrated gearheads no longer supported. Please use Bayside PV instead.

OS Motors

S, ZETA, ES Motors

upCAD (PDF) files of MaxPlus Motors

MaxPlus Motors

upCAD (DXF & 3D) files of Compumotor drives and controller/drives


upCAD (DXF) files of Compumotor controllers and indexers


upCAD (DXF) files of miscellaneous Compumotor products

upInteract & Motion Panel support and sample files

upInteractX support and sample files

upiSeries support and sample files

upParker I/O (PIO) support and sample files

  • PAR_07CB.GSD 73K PIO-333 Profibus fieldbus configuration file
  • PAR_07CC.GSD 72K PIO-343 Profibus fieldbus configuration file
  • PIO-306_V1p1.eds 28K PIO-306 DeviceNet fieldbus configuration file Version 1.1
  • PIO-346_V1p1.eds 28K PIO-346 DeviceNet fieldbus configuration file
  • PIO-337.EDS 792K PIO-337 CANopen fieldbus configuration file
  • PIO-347.EDS 150K PIO-347 CANopen fieldbus configuration file

upViX Series


up4000 Series

  • 4000APPS.ZIP 167K 4000 Dos Support Software 2.1, includes sample programs
  • 4000PRG2.ZIP 20K Collection of 8 sample 4000 programs
  • 4000SUP.ZIP 159K 4000 Application Developer
  • 4SAMP1.ZIP 1K Sample 4000 program
  • DATA_ARY.ZIP 1K 4000 data storage using index pointers
  • FEED2LEN.ZIP 2K 4000 feed to length application demo program
  • Q4000.ZIP 281K Uploads Numeric Q variables from the Model 4000
  • QQTEST.ZIP 2K 4000 QQ variable demonstration: cyclic buffer
  • SEG_DEMO.ZIP 1K 4000 Segmented move, sample program
  • SHAKYJAK.ZIP 13K Shaky Jake 4000 demo program (demos A-E)
  • TCHCAM.ZIP 3K Teach Cam programming example for the 4000-CFM

up6000 Series

  • 6000DOS.ZIP 196K 6000 Series DOS support software (6200, 6250) VERSION 1.4
  • 6000DRV.EXE 843K 6000 Series Driver & Samples (Version 1.3) 7/21/04
  • 6200SMPL.ZIP 3K Example Program for 6000 Series Products
  • 6200TEST.ZIP 2K Test program for the 6200 2-Axis Indexer with RP240
  • AT64EG.ZIP 39K Example code for c, basic & pascal
  • AT64FAST.ZIP 18K Updated AT6400 Download programs for faster computers
  • ATINPUT.ZIP 5K Demonstrates use of VB to add !' before user input
  • ATforNT.ZIP 20K Auto-load AT operating system in WindowsNT4.0 at Startup
  • ATUTIL.ZIP 26K Download, Start source code for AT6400
  • AUX2INFO.ZIP 1K AT6400 -Aux2 I/O information
  • CCAMTUT.ZIP 5K CompuCAM Tutorial.
  • COMPUCAM.ZIP 3K Text file information on CompuCAM (Computer Aided Motion)
  • DAISY.ZIP 2K Sample program demonstrating stand alone daisy chain communication
  • DDEEXAMPLE.ZIP 20k Labview5 with DDE6000 example
  • DEMO.ZIP 3K Example Program for 6000 Series Products
  • DLL6400.ZIP 42K Latest AT6400.DLL and NT DLL - also WIN6400.H and .LIB files - 2.4
  • ELECTRO.ZIP 114K Special software for the AT6450
  • ERR6400.ZIP 2K AT6400 example error program. Written for revision 2.2
  • FEED.ZIP 403K Feed to length code generator for the 6000 series.
  • FOLLOW.ZIP 2K Following demo programs for the 6000 Series
  • GO3_1.EXE 6K go.exe for windows 3.1, automatically opens panel
  • GO95.ZIP 712K Utility to run Motion Architect panel on computer power-up --- Win 95
  • GOOPEN.EXE 9K same as go95, but automatically connects panel
  • JOYTEACH.ZIP 2K Example program for 6000 Series Products
  • JTEACH.ZIP 3K Sample jog/joystick teach programs for 6000
  • M&M_DEMO.ZIP 275K C Language example application using AT6400 C Drivers
  • MAUPDATE.ZIP 462K Motion Architect Update Files (For Mot. Arc. 2.1)
  • MC60EXAM.ZIP 7K MicroSoft C AT6400 Communication Driver Example Code (6.0)
  • OCXEXAMPLE.ZIP 25k Labview5 with OCX Toolkit example (must have Labview 5 and OCX)
  • ODD.ZIP 1K test for odd/even numbers
  • OSLOAD.ZIP 38K Object Files for At6400 Operating System Loader
  • PANEL.ZIP 3K utility to run user specified 6000 Panel Session on startup - more info
  • PASCAL.ZIP 5K Turbo Pascal demonstration program for AT6400 control
  • QB45EXAM.ZIP 8K Quick Basic AT6400 Communication Driver Example Code (4.5)
  • SENDFILE.EXE 17K Example for downloading a file using the DLL Sendat6400File function.
  • SERIAL.C 7K Serial communication example code for windows 3.1
  • SPROCKET.ZIP 18K Compucam example
  • SUPER.txt 2K Superposition program.
  • TC20EXAM.ZIP 7K Turbo C AT6400 Communication Driver Example Code (TC 2.0)
  • TEACH.ZIP 6K 6000 teach program 6200, 6250, OEM6200
  • TP50EXAM.ZIP 7K Turbo Pascal AT6400 Communication Driver Example Code (5.0)
  • TTRP_0.ZIP 2K Utility to allow servo tuning on the 6250 via the RP240
  • TUSERVO.INI 5K Update 6000 Servo Tuner to support the latest hardware (7/18/97)
  • VAR2BCD.ZIP 0.6K Utility to convert a numeric variable to a BCD value
  • VB2VAR.ZIP 1K Example program for 6000 Series Products
  • VB30DEMO.ZIP 86K Visual Basic 3.0 Demo
  • VB4016.ZIP 75K Visual Basic 4.0 Demo (16 bit version)
  • VB40DEMO.ZIP 81K Visual Basic 4.0 Demo
  • VB60DEMO_AT6400_95.ZIP 428K VB6 Demo for the AT-cards in Windows 95/98/ME
  • VB60DEMO_AT6450_NT.ZIP 177K VB6 Demo for the AT-cards in Windows NT/2000/XP
  • VB6000DEMO.ZIP 2K Visual Basic 6.0 RS232 Demo
  • VB6400.ZIP 231K Visual Basic tester for AT6400 (+ source)
  • VBNTDEMO.ZIP 71K Visual Basic NT Demo
  • VBTERM.ZIP 8K Source code fro simple vb terminal to the AT6400 using WIN6400.DLL
  • WIN32SERIAL.ZIP 27K Visual C++ 5.0 serial communications example
  • WN956000.DLL 84K Windows 95 dll, updated 8/17/00

upDigiplan Information

  • PDINFO.ZIP 26K Useful PDS/PDX info, not in catalog or user guide
  • PDXCOMS.ZIP 52K PDX Communications progs in C and QuickBasic from User Guide
  • PKHINFO.ZIP 5K PK130/PK130M info not found in catalog or user guides

upMiscellaneous files including upgrades

  • BTORQ4P3.DAT 119K Updated motor data for sizing (9/03). Copy to sizing directory and rename "btorq.dat"
  • BTORQ4P0.DAT 106K Updated motor data for sizing; includes the SLVD (7/03). Copy to sizing directory and rename "btorq.dat"
  • SUSTAINING.DAT 24K Motor data for mature products (4/98). Copy to sizing directory and rename "btorq.dat"
  • C10INSTRREVB.PDF 86K C10 and C10H Cable Assembly Diagrams
  • CPFORM8.XLS 41K Custom Product Request for Quotation Form, Excel 5.0 Worksheet
  • CTERM.ZIP 7K Extremely simple terminal program in C with source
  • FINETALK.BA 5K fineserv basic
  • FINETALK.EXE 41K finetalk
  • INSTALL.ZIP 76K Updated installation program for Sizing
  • PART10.PPT 198K This is the replacement file for part10.ppt of the SX workshop.
  • PART2.PPT 300K This is the replacement for part2.ppt of the SX workshop files
  • PSPICE.EXE 285K pspice dos version
  • REVISION.DOC 8K Current revisions of Compumotor Software
  • SPROCKET.txt 117K CompuCAM example - very long program!
  • WEIGHTS.ZIP 16K Listing of product weights for Compumotor products
  • WRD4MAC5.DOC 27K Spreadsheet to Complex Motion Article in Word for Mac 5

upOEM support and sample files

     OEM770X is a newer version and replacement of the OEM670X & OEM675X.

  • 670X_JOG.ZIP 1K Example of how to create jog inputs for OEM670/675/770X - documented.
  • LOOP.ZIP 1K Sample program for OEM650X. Demonstrates looping.
  • OEM023.ZIP 190K OEM023-AT Indexer Support Software Disk
  • OEM6701.ZIP 1K Example velocity change program for OEM670X
  • OEM6702.ZIP 1K Example homing routine for OEM670X
  • OEM670X.ZIP 2K OEM670X Application Example program with documentation
  • OEM750X.ZIP 5K OEM750X general example program
  • SEQSEL.ZIP 1K Sample program to utilize sequence select inputs.



upSX/500/ZX Series

  • COIL.ZIP 2K Generic coil winding application
  • DEMOPAK.ZIP 2K 2 field application programs with comments
  • FOLEXMPL.ZIP 1K Extended X-Lang Following, example program
  • FOLLVEL1.ZIP 1K X-Language velocity following example
  • OUTP.ZIP 1K Output on position demo
  • QBTERM.ZIP 36K Quickbasic interrupt driven terminal emulator, source & exe
  • SERIAL.ZIP 16K "C" interrupt driven terminal emulator, source & exe. Good!
  • SHUNT.ZIP 42K Prerelease version of Parker Zdrive Shunt Regulator Sizing
  • SXDEMOS.ZIP 10K SX programs for field demos with templates
  • SXMANUAL.ZIP 4K Complete, documented SX application code example
  • XLANGDEMO.ZIP 7K Sample VB6.0 panel for X-Language serial communications


  • LX_SIZE.ZIP 132K LX sizing program
  • LYNC30.ZIP 69K Small shareware communications program for DOS
  • MOTION.ZIP 3K Motion Profile Calculator for Excel
  • PKZ204G.EXE 185K Pkunzip v2.0 required to use BBS files with .ZIP extension
  • TUSERVO.ZIP 124K tuservo.exe to run with windows NT operating system
  • ZIPMASTR.EXE 298K ZipMaster Windows UnZipping shareware program


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