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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

  Motor Sizing CD Parker Sizing and Selection Tools

This CD contains all the necessary programs to make your job of specifying the correct motion control components easy! Whether your task is sizing rotary and linear motors, or choosing compatible amplifiers, or ensuring compatibility with your motor and cable sets, Help is Here!

We can mail you the free CD or you can download the software today.

  • Parker Motion Sizer - Parker Rotary servo, stepper and direct drive sizing software
    • NEW Filtering capabilities make it even easier to select your motor and drive! This software allows you to model your system mechanics, simulate complex motion profiles, specify amplifier voltage limits and then filter the results to quickly choose from thousands of motor and drive combinations.
  • Parker WinTips - Parker Trilogy linear motor sizing software
    • Quickly size your linear motor application with the WinTips software. WinTips allows you to evaluate different load and motion profile scenarios to determine their effect on motor heating. WinTips also predicts amplifier current and voltage requirements to help with the selection of a compatible amplifier.
  • Parker Linear Sizing and Selection Tool - Parker Daedal linear motor sizing software
    • Linear motor sizing made easy! Select your level of integration with either component solutions or pre-engineered linear servo tables. The software includes iron-core, air-core, and slotless linear motor technologies.
  • Parker System Solution Finder - Parker Controller, drive, motor and cable compatibility and selection software
    • Quickly and easily define all the necessary part numbers to specify a motion controller, drive and motor system. The Parker System Solution Finder quickly defines the part numbers for the major components, interconnecting cables and accessories required to put a system together, reducing errors and ensuring all the chosen components are compatible.

We can mail you the free CD or you can download the software today.


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