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 The BD-E Series
EMC-Compliant Brushless Servo Systems

Direct-On-Line Operation with EMC Compliance

With the introduction of the BD-E Series, Parker makes available a high-performance brushless servo system which is CE marked and complies with the European EMC and Low-voltage Directives.

Building on experience gained with the highly-successful BLH Series, Parker has incorporated a large number of improvements to produce a servo system with outstanding flexibility. A major advance is the introduction of direct-on-line operation at 230V AC without the additional size, weight and cost of a separate transformer. All line filter components necessary for EMC compliance are built into the drive this eliminates all potential problems associated with the mounting and wiring of external filter units.

High-resolution sinusoidal commutation guarantees smooth rotation over the full speed range. The redesigned MD Series motors now have larger shafts with improved dimensional tolerances to aid the fitting of components such as precision gearboxes. All drive configuration is performed using dip switches located on the front panel.

BD-E Series drives have comprehensive built-in monitoring systems to protect both the drive and the motor. An I-t circuit limits the time for which any given motor current can flow before being clamped at the continuous rating of the drive. An additional monitor circuit guards against full drive current being delivered for an extended period at very low speeds. As well as protecting against supply overvoltage or undervoltage, partial supply failure, excess output current and overheating of the drive or motor, the BD-E also checks for overspeed conditions and loss of commutation or position feedback signals. With commutation data being derived from the incremental encoder, there is automatic tach fault protection since loss of the encoder signal will prevent commutation and therefore stop the motor.

The BD-E Series is available with a choice of current ratings and in three versions an analog-input velocity or torque servo, a step and direction input version, and a complete positioning system incorporating the new X150E controller.

As well as being fully EMC-compliant, this controller offers the convenience of configuring entirely by software, without the use of jumper links. The X150E is compatible with almost any type of PLC both NPN and PNP output drivers are incorporated as standard, selectable by software. Inputs and outputs may be configured to operate at 5V or 24V. The command language is based on Compumotor's popular X-Code, which is user-friendly and extremely versatile. The controller can store up to 64 complete motion programs in its non-volatile memory and offers advanced programming features such as conditional branching and math functions. BD-E Series Common Features

  • Direct operation from 230V AC single-phase supply
  • Fully EMC and LVD compliant with all line filter components built in
  • Two current levels 3A and 6A continuous
  • Peak torques up to 14Nm
  • Speeds up to 5,000 rpm
  • Commutation, velocity , and position by integral incremental encoder, with separate initialization encoder
  • High-efficiency recirculating PWM current control system
  • Integral regenerative power dump
  • Rugged industrial housing
  • All configuration either by switches or software
  • Drives fully protected against overheating, short circuits and supply faults
BD-E Features
  • Velocity or torque mode operation
  • Industry-standard differential analog inputs
  • Velocity and torque monitor outputs
  • Compatible with Parker 6000 Series controllers
BDS-E Features
  • TTL-compatible step and direction inputs
  • Compatible with Parker 6000 Series indexers
  • Velocity and torque monitor outputs
BDHX-E Drive/Controller Features
  • Up to 32 drives can be daisy chained or multi-dropped via RS-232C
  • Non-volatile memory stores up to 64 motion programs
  • 7-segment diagnostic display
  • Dedicated inputs for end-of-travel and home position switches
  • 10 user-definable inputs, 6 outputs
  • Sinking or sourcing outputs; software selectable
  • Optional remote panel or thumbwheel input
  • High-speed (15 S) registration input

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