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Max Plus Servo Amplifiers

  • Efficient power conversion
  • High frequency switching
  • ±10 volts for maximum velocity or torque
  • 12-24 volt I/O for ± limit, reset, velocity/torque mode
    The MaxPlus® Series of servo amplifiers is designed to perform reliably and efficiently in a wide range of high performance applications.
    Robust operation is assured through a variety of design features, such as electrical transients implemented on AC inputs and all I/O lines. No special transformers are required. The MaxPlus 230 Series amplifiers operate over AC voltage ranges of 80 to 260 Vac from 45 to 65 Hz, while the MaxPlus 460 Series servo amplifiers operate over AC voltage ranges of 200 to 520 Vac from 45 to 65 Hz.
    The motor feedback device is a resolver to assure normal operation at elevated motor temperatures. The resolver allows for both position and velocity feedback, while the high power switching devices are state-of-the-art IGBT modules. Heat is reduced through switch mode design

  • Catalog and Specifications
  • MPA Amplifier Overview
  • MPA Multi-axis Brochure
  • MPA-03/06/09 Brochure
  • MPA-230 Brochure
  • MPA-460 Brochure
    User Guides
  • AC-03, 07, 10, 15 Multi-Axis User Guide
  • Certification Status
  • FAQ: Recommended Compax3 Replacements
  • MPA-03/06/09 User Guide
  • MPA-230 User Guide
  • MPA-460 User Guide
  • Distributor and Factory Support
  • Engineering Reference Guide
  • New Ulm Support & Download
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