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APEX 6151/6152/6154 Servo Drive/Controllers

  • One axis of packaged servo control
  • Programmable update rates for servo loop as fast as 205 microseconds
  • Accepts brushless resolver feedback or hall effect sensors for commutation
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for servo control (PIV with velocity and acceleration feed-forward)
  • 1.2 MHz post-quadrature position feedback frequency
  • Over temperature, over voltage, short circuit protected
  • Internal power dump circuit to dissipate regenerated power from motor
  • Motors include over-temperature sensor

  • Catalog and Specifications
  • APEX 6151, 6152 and 6154
  • APEX 6151/6152/6154 Catalog 8000-2
  • CE Certification
  • UL Certification
    User Guides
  • APEX 615n Servo Controller/Drive Installation Guide
  • Motion Architect
    Download - Drawings and CAD files
  • APEX 6152 Packaged Servo Drive and Controller (35K)
  • APEX 6154 Packaged Servo Drive and Controller (35K)
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