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Gemini GV6 Servo Drive/Controller

  • Incorporates all of the powerful features of the Gemini GV digital servo drive
  • Provides six power ranges for up to 11.8 kW of continuous power
  • Stand-alone servo controller and drive in one small package
  • Full ASCII communications capability
  • Control features such as registration, motion profiles, S-curve velocity profiling and conditional statements
  • Program storage: Up to 32 programs or 190 lines of program code
  • Daisy chain up to 99 units
  • Simplified configuration and tuning
  • 8 programmable inputs and 6 programmable outputs
  • Wide range of PWM frequencies for linear motor support

  • Catalog and Specifications
  • Gemini GV6 Catalog 8000-4
  • Gemini GV6 Digital Servo Drive/Controller
  • UL Certification
    User Guides
  • FAQ: Controller Cables & Drawings
  • GC-SDA Installation Guide
  • GFB-Kit Installation Guide
  • GPDM Quick Reference Guide
  • GV6 Hardware Installation Guide
  • GV6 Quick Reference Guide
  • Gemini Motor Reference Guide
  • Speed/Torque Curves of MPM motors
  • Speed/Torque of obsolete APEX motors
  • ASCII Translator
  • Gemini Firmware Revision
  • Gemini Motor Table
  • Motion Planner
  • Video: How to Upload & Download, Check Status, Basic Commands
    Application Examples
  • Transfer Machine
    Download - Drawings and CAD files
  • 50-pin high-density to flying leads non-CE cable
  • GC-26 high-density connector with terminal strips
  • GC-50 high-density connector with terminal strips
  • GC-SDA Dimensions
  • GEM-VM50 Dimensions
  • GFB-Kit Solder Connector Dimensions
  • GV6-H20 DXF (93K)
  • GV6-H20n-PB or -DN DXF (256K)
  • GV6-H40 DXF (137K)
  • GV6-L3/U3/U6/U12 DXF (77K)
    Publications and Advertisements
  • Gemini Digital Servo and Stepper Drives
  • The Compumotor Gemini Family: GV6 and GT6
  • Compumotor Frequently Asked Questions
  • Compumotor Sales and Support
  • Compumotor Training
  • Distributor and Factory Support
  • Engineering Reference Guide
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    Included part numbers in this series

    GV6-U6R , GV6-U12R-NK , GV6-U12R , GV6-U12E-NK , GV6-U12E , GV6-U6E , GV6-U6R-NK , GV6-U6E-NK

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