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System 7: Three Axis XX''-YY''-Z

SYSTEM 7 is a three axis system which utilizes the HZR unit for the vertical axis. As a result, this system can provide longer vertical travel, higher speed, and greater Acceleration than System 6. The inherent rigidity of the HZR also contributes to superior system stiffness, stability, and ease of tuning. If the Z-axis is retracted during horizontal motion, System Seven can easily handle moderate to heavy loads. With the Z-axis fully extended it can handle light to moderate loads.

Gantry Robots offer significant advantages over articulated arm robots for high a speed automation:

  • larger work envelopes (not restricted by arm length)
  • overhead mechanics (“free up” floorspace)
  • better suited for multiple machines and conveyor lines
  • better handling of large or awkward payloads

    Parker’s seven standard system configurations are designed to satisfy the vast majority of gantry robot applications. Standardizing on these configurations, has simplified sizing and selection, shortened lead times
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    Other Products in This Category:

    Gantry Robots ~ Standard Configurations
      Max. Load Max. X-Travel Max. Y-Travel Max. Z-Travel
    System 1: Two Axis XX''-Y 100 kg 7.9 m 3.0 m  
    System 2: Two Axis XX''-YY'' 200 kg 7.9 m 3.0 m  
    System 4: Two Axis XX''-Z 100 kg 7.9 m   1.0 m
    System 5: Two Axis XX''-Z 100 kg 7.9 m   1.5 m
    System 6: Three Axis XX''-YY''-Z 100 kg 7.9 m 3.0 m 1.0 m
    System 3: Two Axis XX''-Z 100 kg 7.9 m   1.0 m
    System 7: Three Axis XX''-YY''-Z 100 lb 7.9 m 3.3 m 1.5 m

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