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6K Motion Controllers

  • 1-8 axes of stepper/servo control (any combination)
  • Outputs standard +/- 10V or step & direction
  • Servo update rates of 62.5 /axis
  • Motion Planner Software provided 10 Mbps twisted pair Ethernet
  • TCP/IP and UDP protocol
  • 4-8 digital outputs
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    Price, Real Time Availability and On-line Ordering:
        6K2, 2axis Servo/Stepper Controller
        6K4, 4axis Servo/Stepper Controller
        6K6, 6axis Servo/Stepper Controller
        6K8, 8axis Servo/Stepper Controller

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  • Catalog and Specifications
  • 6K Catalog 8000-4
  • 6K VI Brochure
  • Incremental Encoders
    User Guides
  • Addendum
  • Command Reference
  • Communications Server
  • CompuCAM
  • Comsrvr.OCX (ActiveX)
  • EMC Installation Guide
  • EVM32
  • EVM32-II
  • Ethernet Networking
  • Ethernet Specifications
  • FAQ: Controller Cables & Drawings
  • FAQ: How to Upload/Download, RS232 Troubleshooting, Battery Replacement
  • FAQ: VM25 Breakout
  • Fieldbus Guides
  • Hardware Installation Guide
  • Notes for Experienced 6000 Programmers
  • Programmers Guide
  • Request User Guides
  • SIM8-AN-IN
  • SIM8-IN-EVM32
  • SIM8-OUT-EVM32
  • SIM8-OUT-HCR (Unreleased)
  • SIM8-OUT-RLY10
  • VI Motion Library
  • 6K Operating System
  • Motion Planner
  • Video: How to Upload & Download, Check Status, Basic Commands
    Application Examples
  • 6K Controller Hughes Automation Application
  • Capacitor Winder
  • Compumotor OEM Customer Finds Success with Contouring Application for Larger Motor Manufacturer
  • Engraving Machine
  • Flute Grinder
  • Fluted Bit Cutting Machine
  • Monofilament Winder
  • Random Timing In-Feed
  • Rotary Indexer
  • Surface Grinding Machine
    Download - Sample Files
  • 6K Ethernet Communications with LabView 5.1 (20K)
  • 6K RS232 communications with LabView 5.1 (28K)
  • Basic parameters for setting up a 6K2 for two servo drives (2K)
  • Basic parameters for setting up a 6K2 for two stepper drives (2K)
  • Basic parameters for setting up a 6K4 for two servo drives (2K)
  • DeviceNet file for the 6K (26K)
  • Enables a GV from the 6K as soon as the GV is fully powered up (1K)
  • Profibus file for the 6K (4K)
  • Sets up the 6K to follow an analog input- Input #1 (2K)
  • Sets up the 6K to follow an analog input- Input #2 (2K)
  • Using the 6K with Visual Basic (13K)
    Download - Drawings and CAD files
  • 6K Mounting DXF (109K)
  • 6K2 DWG file (555K)
  • 6K2 DXF file (495K)
  • 6K2, 6K4, 6K6, 6K8 and accessories DXF (5,079K)
  • 6K4 DWG file (567K)
  • 6K4 DXF file (511K)
  • 6K6 DWG file (804K)
  • 6K6 DXF file (723K)
  • 6K8 DWG file (729K)
  • 6K8 DXF file (675K)
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  • Motion Control Programming as Easy as 1-2-3
  • Parker Automation Offers Selectable Levels of Integration
  • Product Review: Controller Provides Ethernet Connectivity
  • Why Ethernet is Your Best Connection
  • Compumotor Frequently Asked Questions
  • Compumotor Price and Availability
  • Compumotor Sales and Support
  • Compumotor Training
  • Distributor and Factory Support
  • Engineering Reference Guide
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    47-023423-01 , 71-017003-10 , PS-60W , 71-016137-10 , 71-016137-04 , 71-016949-02 , 71-016949-100

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