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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

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Product Table of Contents:

Acroloop 2003 Catalog

Compumotor 2002 Catalog (11 Meg)

  Servo Motors
      SM Series (208k)
      SE Series (208k)
      BE Series (241k)
      NeoMetric Series (200k)
      J Series (200k)
      M Series (168k)
      SL Series (287k)
      Planetary Gearheads (208k)
  Servo Drives and Drive/Controllers (107k)
      Gemini Servo (625k)
      Compax (351k)
      SLVD (115k)
      HPD (261k)
      OEM Servos (248k)
      Dynaserv (1,980k)
      Linearserv (214k)
  Stepper Drives and Drive/Controllers (54k)
      Gemini Steppers (717k)
      E Series (366k)
      Zeta (378k)
      OEM Steppers (476k)
      OEMZL (195k)
  6K Stand Alone Controllers (836k)
  6000 Bus Based Controllers (184k)
  Acroloop PCI & ISA Controllers
  HMI (1,677k)
  Engineering Reference Guide (344k)
  iBE Series
  Offer of Sale (28k)


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Get Acrobat Reader Thank you for your interest in Compumotor and our complete family of motion control products. At Compumotor, our number one goal is to ensure that your motion control application is solved successfully. We do this by offering a complete system solution utilizing innovative products and backing it up with premier customer service. We manufacture all parts of a motion system, so we know what it takes to make it all work together. Doing business with Compumotor also means that you have access to the best technical support in the industry including toll free technical support and highly trained local distribution. With Compumotor, you have all the tools to ensure application success. Now youíre in control!

Gain Control of Your Next Motion Control Application

Compumotor provides you with the tools you need to put your application in motion. Motion control is one important and influential aspect of complete machine control. A standard motion control system consists of three basic elements: the motion controller, the drive and the motor. Take a look at the following lineup of these powerful products to solve your next motion control application.

Controllers -- The Intelligence of Your System

Compumotorís motion controllers offer power and diversity with the capability of supporting single or multi-axis applications. These controllers incorporate the leading processor technology in the industry and operate stand-alone as the machine controller or interface with other devices such as a PC or PLC utilizing Ethernet for high-speed communication. From simple to complex, a Compumotor controller can efficiently handle any stepper or servo application.

Servo and Stepper Drives and Drive/Controllers -- The Power of Your System

Compumotor got its start by bringing microstepping drives to the marketplace in 1979. Today, servos are just as big a part of our business as steppers. Compumotorís innovative leadership continues by offering a full breadth of product from fully digital state-of-the art to compact and cost-effective servos and steppers. Compumotor also offers many systems that combine the controller and drive in one package for an efficient and economical method of single-axis control.

Servo Motors -- The Strength of Your System

Compumotor is proud to manufacture a complete line of brushless servo motors, both rotary and linear. Utilizing modern design tools, our brushless servo motors offer performance advantages over more traditional design practices. Designs also focus on manufacturing ease allowing for a leadtime of less than 10 days for a brushless motor. Compumotorís manufacturing efficiency on standard motors allows accommodation of special requirements with similar ease.

Engineering Reference Guide

Over the past twenty years, Compumotor has been developing an Engineering Reference that compiles important information on the technology and practical application of motion control. Compumotorís Engineering Reference was the foundation for the Virtual Classroom CD ROM. The Virtual Classroom CD-ROM is an interactive, multi-media tool that makes the Engineering Reference come alive.

Now Youíre in Control!

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