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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

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ETHERNET Powerlink
MotionBus Systems


Powerlink System

ETHERNET Powerlink is a high-speed, digital motion-bus solution connecting a motion controller to multiple drives and I/O points using standard Ethernet networking hardware. This centralized, real-time communication system for automation and motion control makes Ethernet deterministic for real-time industrial applications.

Parkerís ETHERNET Powerlink motionbus technology increases system performance while decreasing overall system cost and installation time.

ETHERNET Powerlink systems combine the high performance of centralized motion control with the lower costs of distributed machine architectures. System design and machine installation times are greatly reduced due to the simplified, inexpensive and readily available Ethernet cables that replace traditional, expensive analog control and feedback cables.

ETHERNET Powerlink Benefits

  • Centralized Performance with Distributed Architecture

  • Cabling reduction

  • Faster Installation

  • Higher Reliability

  • Single Communications Point to Entire Motion Control System

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    ETHERNET Powerlink Brochure

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    ACR ETHERNET Powerlink Controller

  • Control of 16 axes EPL Drives

  • Ethernet, USB, Serial communications

  • CANopen expansion I/O

    Aries ETHERNET Powerlink Servo Drive

  • 3, 4.5, 6.3 A RMS cont. current

  • Rotary or linear servo motors

  • Auto-Tuning

    Compax3 Servo Drives

  • 2.5 to 155A RMS cont. current

  • Built in regeneration and line filters

  • 8 inputs, 4 outputs

  • Master position input: Encoder or SSI

    Ethernet POWERLINK Association

    Ethernet POWERLINK Association

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