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Current Software Downloads

Application Name

Part No.



Release Date

File Size

Date Posted

8031 Indexer - Prof_Gen.exe Program 150646-01G 1.15   134KB 08/13/1998
EDC/TDC Software Support Package 150632-01D CPCS0403   143KB 03/14/2000
MPA_DSPW 150653-01C 3.2   384KB 08/13/1998
VRP Interface Progarm (VIP) 150665-01A 1.0   3.20MB 08/15/1998

The VRP Interface Program is a Windows 3.1 application program that runs on a PC. It supports configuration and profile editing for the VRP 100 controller. The VIP can communicate serially with a VRP controller via the PC serial ports, COM1 through COM4. This allows it to monitor controller status and transfer configuration settings and profile definitions to and from the controller. It can also control homing for either axis, jogging of the follower axis and can start and stop execution of profiles.

XPS 196-00011B 3.1   5.04MB 08/17/2000
The released XDC Programming Software package is a simple on-line programming system designed to work with the multi-axis XDC controller. The XPS software allows you to tune and run up to 28 axes from the XDC with familiar Windows 95 menus and windows. Tuning is done directly from the tuning window using industry standard PIDF loop tuning algorithms. The extensive XDC programming library is utilized to allow you to program everything from simple indexing moves to complex camming motion. Simple ratio functions have never been easier to accomplish. The extensive I/O can be tied to any of the programming functions or to whole programs allowing for maximum versatility. Once you have finished the programming of the machine, you can simply unhook the computer and go on to the next machine. With up to 28 axes of control and the most powerful function library in the industry, your imagination may be your only limitation.   126KB 11/05/2000
HMI for SFD230
(Multiple disk set)
   01.01.02 HMIdisk1.ZIP
 4/30/02 1.34MB
HMI for SFD230
(Single disk set)
  01.01.02 HMI.ZIP 4/30/02 1.94MB 5/5/02
DriveBlok Software 575-00047 2.8 1.40MB 1/5/05
IndexWare v1.03   1.03 IndexWare_V1p3.msi 6/1/2005 522kB 7/25/05
SpindleBlok Software 575-00047 1.00.00  01/11/02 1.83MB 02/18/03
Blok heat dissipation calculator   1.45MB 02/28/03
NTAC Product 575-00047   401KB 12/14/01
MP-FLX Commander
(Single disk set)
  1.61   8.48MB 4/22/02
MP-FLX Commander
(Multiple disk set)
MP-FLX Drive Interface   1.02.07  Drive   2.17MB 5/9/02
MP-FLX Firmware
    Contact Factory      
FLXware v2.00.03   2.00.03 9/6/07 2.68 MB 01/21/04
GA Interrogator 49T00073 0.9 GA   719KB 9/25/02
MP-FLX Commander Factory Motor and Amplifier Database   1.04   50.9KB 12/19/02

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