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Application Note Downloads


File File Size Date Posted
Sizing MTS Automation Motors Using Sine Drives: Current Ratings 15.3KB 1998
Power/Grounding requirements for 3-phase MPA Amplifiers 15.9KB 1998
Encoder Digital Controller (EDC) to MP-FLX Wiring Diagram 51.6KB 08/26/2002
MPA Potentiometer Setting and Tuning MPA 43.4KB 10/01/02
Motor Technical Tips Technical 6.59KB 10/01/02
Power Motor and Control Wiring Considerations 72.5KB 11/19/02
MTS Serial Communications Cables 92.8KB 11/19/02
MTS Capacitive Input Rectifier Line Filters 883KB 11/19/02
MTS Sharing CapBloks 202KB 11/19/02
MTS Serial Communications 109KB 11/19/02
MTS Compatibility between Blok Products and Various Motor types 90.1KB 11/19/02

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