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Electromechanical and Drives Division, North America:  

Compumotor User Guides

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ZETA Family User Guides:
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up ZETA4 Microstepping Drive
      (88-014027-01, Rev A)
up ZETA4-240 Microstepping Drive
      (88-015027-01, Rev A)
up ZETA8 & ZETA12 Microstepping Drives
      (88-016888-01, Rev B; 1/10)
up ZETA6104 Microstepping Indexer/Drive, 1-axis
      (88-014782-02, Rev B; 9/97)
up ZETA6104 Demo Box
      (88-01552-01, Rev C)
up ZETA6xxx Microstepping Indexer/Drive, 1-axis (ZETA6104-240, ZETA6108 and ZETA6112)
      (88-017277-01, Rev B; 1/10)
up OEMZL4 Microstepping Drive
      (88-018139-01, Rev B; 9/1/99)
up OEMZL6 Microstepping Drive
      (88-018620-01, Rev A; 5/15/00)       (88-018670-01, Rev A)
up OEMZL6104 Microstepping Indexer/Drive, 1-axis
      (88-018140-01, Rev A; 9/1/99)

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