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Compumotorís ZETA Microstepping Drive Family

These microstepping drives are stand-alone, packaged microstepping drives that incorporate breakthrough techniques know as Active Damping TM (patented) and Electronic Viscosity TM (patent pending).

The ZETA family of drives come in 4 different power versions: ZETA4, ZETA4-240, ZETA8 and ZETA12.

Designed for reliability, the ZETA drive family offers premier quality and performance while being easy to use and apply. The ZETA drive family meets the need for global solutions:

  • CE (LVD), CE(LVD and EMC) or low-noise applications
  • UL Recognized
  • 120VAC and 240VAC versions

The ZETA4, ZETA8, and ZETA12 operate at 120VAC and provide 4A, 8A, and 12A respectively.

The ZETA4-240, ZETA8, and ZETA12 comply with the Low Voltage [LVD (EN61010)] and Electromagnetic Compatibility [EMC (CISPR22/EN55022 Class B)] directives making it an excellent choice for machines built in or shipped to the European community. By designing the drive to meet the EMC Class Bís rigid standards, the ZETA4-240, ZETA8, and ZETA12 also meets North Americaís FCC Class B emissions test making it the solution for low-noise applications. The ZETA4-240, ZETA8, and ZETA12 have also received UL approval.

The ZETA4-240 can be used for low- and high-power applications. For low-power applications, the ZETA 4-240 operates at 120VAC to provide the same performance as the ZETA4. For high-power applications, the ZETA4-240 runs off 240VAC to provide the same performance of an 8 AMP drive operating at 120 VAC.



  • Standard step-and-direction input or CW/CCW input
  • Torque from 43 oz-in (0.30 N-m) to 3480 oz-in (24.4 N-m)
  • Active Damping TM benefits:
    • Damping ratios of up to 0.5
    • Higher acceleration than conventional step systems
    • Decrease motor vibration
    • Increase shaft power
    • Higher performance
  • Electronic Viscosity TM benefits:
    • Reduce settling time
    • Increase slow speed smoothness (reduce velocity ripple)
    • Reduce audible noise

Protection Circuit

  • Motor short circuits (phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground)
  • Overtemperature
  • Undervoltage
  • Power dump (dissipates excess energy caused by load regeneration)


  • A wide selection of motors is available for both 120 VAC and 240 VAC operation
  • Drive status indicators: power, step input, over temperature and motor fault
  • 120VAC (170VDC bus voltage) for ZETA4, ZETA4-240, ZETA8, and ZETA12
  • 240VAC (340VDC bus voltage) for ZETA4-240
  • Removable connectors for easy installation
  • Selectable damping for optimized performance
  • Optional EMC drive kit and EMC Cable kit consisting of AC mains filter and cabling to allow complete EMC or low noise system compliance for ZETA4-240, ZETA8, and ZETA12

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