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The Gemini GT6 Digital Stepper Drive/Indexer

The Gemini GT6 is a stand-alone, compact, digital stepper drive and basic motion controller in one complete package. The Gemini GT6 incorporates all of the GT digital stepper drive features such as Encoderless Stall Detect TM and ABS Damping TM (patents pending) with the flexibility of a simple, yet powerful motion controller.

The Gemini GT6 is easily configurable and programmable via RS232/485 using Compumotorís Motion Planner TM on a PC or Pocket Motion Planner TM on a Windowís CE-based palm PC. The Gemini GT6 also offers connectivity to several field buses including Profibus, Interbus, and SERCOS.*

Similar to the digital stepper drive, the Gemini GT6 provides servo performance for the package price of a stepper system. It also allows the flexibility of an upgrade path to the Gemini GV6, due to its equivalent connectivity, programmability, and family feature set. For applications requiring stepper motor controls and basic motion control functionality, the Gemini GT6 is todayís industry technology leader.

Features Gemini GT6 Performance

  • Provides four power ranges for up to 8 Amps of continuous current
  • Active Damping TM, Electronic Viscocity TM, and ABS Damping TM
  • Encoderless Stall Detect TM
  • Simplified configuration
  • Variable resolution up to 128,000 steps/rev
  • Stand-alone controller and drive in one small package
  • Program Storage: 32 programs or 190 lines of program code
  • Control features such as registration, motion profiles, S-curve velocity profiling, electronic gearing, and conditional statements
  • Daisy chain up to 99 units
  • 8 programmable inputs and 6 programmable outputs
  • Compatibility with Interbus, Profibus, and SERCOS*

Gemini GT6 Protection

  • Short circuit protection -- phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground
  • Brownout protection -- if AC drops below 85 VAC
  • Over temperature -- shutdown occurs at 131F (55C) Gemini GT6


  • A wide selection of stepper motors are available from Compumotor including the O, R, T, and E Series
  • Two input power ranges available; low: 120V, and universal: 120/240V
  • Diagnostic LEDs for drive status, firmware download, and optional keep alive mode

Gemini Family Features

  • 24V Keep Alive (not required) -- keeps logic alive if AC power is removed
  • Error Log -- records 10 most recent errors with time stamp
  • Approvals: UL Recognition, cUL, CE (LVD), and CE (EMC)
  • Configurable/Programmable via RS232/485 using Compumotorís Motion Planner TM on a PC or pocket Motion Planner TM on a Windows CE-based Palm PC

* Please contact Factory for specifications

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