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Linear Servo Motor Table of Contents:

The FREE Linear Servo Motor CD makes it easy to specify a Linear Servo Motor.

The Tools to Solve Today's High Accuracy, High Speed Motion Control Applications!

Today's linear motion applications are more demanding than ever before. Customers are demanding faster throughput, more exact positioning, longer life, less maintenance, and fewer moving parts. Parker strives to meet and exceed these requirements by continuous technological advancements.

SL Series

The SL Series linear servo motors feature three different forcer widths with multiple forcer lengths available in each width. The SL series motors produce forces up to 50 lbs. continuous, 150 lbs. peak, with even more force available if used with the optional air or water cooling. The SL series forcer is available with flying leads or hi-flex cable options.

Daedal Divisionís 406LXR Linear Servo Motor Table

For customers searching for an integrated linear servo system, Daedalís 406LXR Linear Servo Motor Table combines the desired characteristics of high speed and precise positioning in one reliable low-profile package. Optimum performance is achieved as a result of slotless motor technology engineered in combination with performance matched mechanical elements and feedback components.

The 406LXR is offered with an 8 pole motor or a higher force 12 pole motor. An extended life cable management system (20 million cycles) assures a long table life. The 406LXRís selection flexibility and its mounting compatibility with the other 400XR product family members enables single axis or complex multi-axis systems to be configured in a simple, straight forward manner. The 406LXR series takes the mystery out of linear motor tables and brings the "Three Easyís" to high throughput precision positioning: Easy to Integrate; Easy to Install; Easy to Maintain.

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