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Rotary Servo Motor Table of Contents:
A Full Range of Servo Motors Provide You with Greater Performance

Compumotor has set new industry standards for brushless servo motors in both performance and product availability. Our state-of-the-art motor designs, combined with our exceptional product lead time of less than ten days, has made Compumotor one of the most competitive brushless servo motor manufacturers in the motion control marketplace.

SM and SE Series

Compumotorís SM Series servo motors feature a slotless winding which creates smooth motion with absolutely no detent torque. The SM Series motors are available in sizes 16 and 23, and can provide torque up to 11 in-lb. continuous and 33 in-lb. peak at speeds up to 7500 rpm. The SM series motors are enclosed in a rugged housing with optional MS connectors. For a more economical version, the SE Series motors provide the same performance as the SM Series, and are available with a plastic encoder cover and flying leads.

BE Series

Compumotorís BE Series servo motors feature an exposed lamination design for a lower cost package. The 8 pole rotor design creates higher stall torque with a lower rated speed. The BE Series motors are available in sizes 23 and 34, and can provide torque up to 43 in-lb. continuous and 120 in-lb. peak at speeds up to 4000 rpm.

NeoMetric and J Series

Our NeoMetric Series motors feature a bridged stator design, resulting in extremely high torque-to-inertia ratios and reduced audible noise with an extremely short motor length. Compumotorís NeoMetric Series motors are available in 70mm and 92mm frame sizes, with available torque up to 61 in-lb. continuous and 184 in-lb. peak at speeds up to 7500 rpm. For applications involving higher inertia loads, Compumotor has designed the J Series servo motors, offering rotor inertias of up to ten times that of the equivalent NeoMetric series motors.

Planetary Gearheads

Compumotorís Integrated Planetary Gearhead further enhances our servo motor product offering, providing the shortest overall motor/gearhead package length in the industry. By designing the pinion gear into the motor shaft, we have eliminated the need for an adapter plate and coupling, reducing the package length by up to 2 inches. In addition, we provide a system specification for each motor/gearhead combination, which simplifies component selection and shortens the design cycle time. Seven standard gearhead ratios (up to 100:1) are available in sizes 16, 23 and 34.

Custom Designed Servo Motors

If our standard motors donít quite fit your brushless servo application, Compumotor can modify any one of our motors to better meet you requirements. We can offer custom connectors, shafts, windings, or almost any other modification built to your specification. Compumotorís modern manufacturing system allows us to provide custom motors or cables with minimal impact on price and availability. We require no minimum quantities for custom orders, and can often manufacture and ship custom motors within the same time frame as our standard products. With the addition of brushless servo motor manufacturing, Compumotor has become a complete supplier of motion control systems: controllers, drives and motors.


Compumotor began manufacturing brushless servo motors with the release of the SM series in the spring of 1995. Since that time, we have continued to expand our product offering with the NeoMetric, J, and SE Series motors, as well as the introduction of the Integrated Planetary Gearhead. We continue to differentiate ourselves with industry-leading product availability and our ability to provide custom motor solutions with minimal impact on price and lead time. With the addition of servo motor manufacturing, Compumotor has become a complete supplier of motion control systems: controllers, amplifiers, and motors.

Innovation in Design

Compumotor utilizes two distinct technologies in the manufacturing of brushless servo motors. The Slotless Design and the Bridged Stator Design both reduce motor manufacturing costs while providing performance advantages to the user.

The slotless design of the SM and SE Series eliminates all detent torque in the motor, providing superior performance in applications requiring smooth, low speed operation. This design also results in higher rotor inertia, providing an advantage in applications involving high inertia loads.

The bridged stator design of the NeoMetric Series motors results in extremely high torque-to-inertia ratios, providing a performance advantage in applications requiring high accelerations. The bridged stator design also greatly reduces detent torque and mechanical noise when compared to a conventional slotted motor.

For applications involving a higher inertial load, the J Series motors feature the same performance as the NeoMetric Series motors, but with a higher rotor inertia.

Compumotor can also provide an integrated planetary gearhead for use with our brushless servo motors. Our unique design integrates the pinion of the gearhead into the motor shaft, reducing total package length by almost two inches.

Flexibility in Manufacturing

Compumotorís brushless servo motors are manufactured in our modern JIT manufacturing facility. Highly evolved manufacturing philosophies provide levels of service and product availability previously unattainable in the servo motor industry.

Compumotorís lead times average less than ten days for all standard and custom servo motors. A Kan Ban manufacturing system easily allows the addition of special connectors, shafting, or other specific modifications, built to your requirements, with minimal impact on price and availability. Try our capacity to match your application requirements with custom modifications at competitive prices.

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