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Servo and Stepper Drives and Drive/Controllers:
Compumotorís Powerful Lineup of Servo and Stepper Drives Offers Your Application More Flexibility!

Compumotorís servo and stepper drives offer the latest technologies in drive products available today. Our compact and high performance drives are tightly integrated with our controllers and motors and come in a broad range of power levels. Compumotorís drive systems offer power and diversity in a multitude of form factors. We offer a wide range of digital and analog servo and stepper drives for all your motion needs, as well as convenient packaged drive/controller systems.

Step Motor and Servo Motor Control

Compumotor develops leading edge products for both step motor and servo motor control. Providing you with both options gives you greater flexibility with products that work together. Whether you're looking for servo or stepper control, a cost-effective solution is available for each motion control axis.

Drive/Controller Packaged Products

For each platform, Compumotor offers a version with the controller built in. This package creates the best value and smallest package for single axis or independent axis of control.


Gemini, our newest drive family, offers a breadth of digital servo and stepper drives available in nine different power levels each with an optional built-in controller. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, Gemini drives include motor control features such as simplified tuning and digital notch filters in the digital servo drives, along with ABS damping and encoderless stall detect in the digital stepper drives. Gemini is servo and stepper technology coming together like never before!

As with all Compumotor drives, the Gemini family offers a drive/controller version for single axis applications. The drive/controller version also offers Fieldbus options (Profibus or DeviceNet) for PLC communications and ease of cabling respectively. The more flexible our connectivity, the more solutions you have and offering solutions is what Compumotor does best.

Wide Range of Products

In addition to the Gemini, Compumotor offers a wide range of stepper and brushless servo drives and drive/controllers.

  • Dynaserv and Linearserv rotary and linear direct-drive servo systems
  • TQ10 brushless servo drive and drive/controller systems
  • SV and Compax single- or multi-axis digital drive and drive/controller servo systems
  • ZETA microstepping drive and drive/controller systems
  • OEM compact microstepping and servo drive and drive/controller systems

Ease of Use

From cabling, standard interfaces and support software, Compumotor is always striving to make the installation, start-up and operation simple and straightforward.

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