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Controller Table of Contents:
State-of-the-Art Motion Controllers Meet Your Automation Requirements!

Selecting the right motion controller for your automation application can often be an arduous task. Compumotor understands the importance of selecting a motion controller which meets critical factors such as: process control, communication protocols, single or multi-axis, stepper or servo control, flexibility, ease of use, and programming. Our controllers are coupled tightly with software and other control products that make integrating a total control solution a snap. When you incorporate a Compumotor motion controller into your design, you gain greater flexibility, open standards, state-of-the-art technologies, ease-of-use, and the latest in communication protocols. Since the application of a motion controller is so programming intensive, each of our application engineers is an expert in controller programming. If you need application programming assistance, they are ready to help. Wizards
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The flexibility of the 6K Controller enables you to solve almost any motion control application. The 6K is built into a convenient and efficient package that allows its use as an embedded or stand-alone controller. By integrating the latest technologies in both firmware and software, the 6K delivers single or multi-axis control (1-64 axes), Ethernet connectivity, servo or stepper inter-changeability, expandable I/O, multitasking, and enhanced position following.


Embedded control is a complicated issue that is made even more complicated due to the number of bus architectures available on the market. With Ethernet capability, the type of bus architecture used is no longer a critical factor in selecting a controller. Ethernet also enables connectivity to PLCs, HMIs, I/O modules and vision systems. Ethernet communications is provided on the 6K controller. Many applications can be solved with a dedicated network to carry I/O and controller status information to and from PLCs and PCs. Compumotor controllers offer Profibus-DP and Interbus-S fieldbus options to satisfy this need.

Process Control

Most motion controllers offer programmable inputs and outputs to control and interact with other external devices and machine elements. Depending upon how the controller is used in the application and the devices with which it interfaces, a varying number and type (digital or analog) of I/O points are required. All Compumotor controllers offer both digital and analog I/O for both motion specific and general purposes. Expandable I/O is available on the 6K controller in the form of digital and analog I/O modules. You determine how many I/O points you need for your application with up to 256 I/O points available.

Programming Tools

Nothing is more frustrating than programming your motion controller in a cumbersome software environment. Compumotor is a leader in providing easy to use programming tools that assist both the novice and expert users to develop code. Motion Planner, the software development tool for the 6K, incorporates wizards and debugging tools creating a new standard for ease of use.

Simple Yet Powerful Programming Language

The 6000 Motion Control Language has been the cornerstone of Compumotorís control products for over 8 years. Userís of 6000 products value the simple yet powerful nature of the 6000 Language. Several major new software features have been added to the 6K to make the 6000 Language even more powerful than before including multitasking and enhanced position following.

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