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Compumotor Product Photo

Custom Servo Motors

Standard or Custom Servo Motors Delivered in Less than 10 Days

  • Parker's local Automation Technology Centers (ATC) have the resources to quote you a custom motor. Click here for a list of ATCs near you.
  • Integrated motion control products can also be delivered within 10 days
  • Over 9000 standard servo motors
  • Virtually infinite number of customer motor designs built to suit your application
Parker is proud to offer a wide variety of brushless servo motor products to meet your position, speed or torque control needs. While we have many standard products which fit into countless types of applications, we realize that to optimize performance a custom servo motor designed specifically for your application creates competive advantages for your product. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and our JIT inventory process, we are able to offer our customers unrivaled custom products and support when it comes to making the motor your application demands. Often times, a custom servo motor can be manufactured and delivered in the same time frame as a standard Parker product--and at a lower cost than you might expect! Contact us today at 800-358-9068 and find out how Parker can help with your brushless servo motor requirements.

  • Heavy Duty Modifications
    • Double bearings
    • Steel endcaps
    • Hardened shafts
  • Harsh environments - Marine, submerged, hazardous
    • Oil filled shelling
    • Positive pressure
    • Parylene, teflon, FDA white coating
    • Stainless steel housings
    • Sensorless (no feedback)
    • Fungus, salt/fog, EMP, decontamination agents
  • Clean Environments: Food grade, medical, clean room
    • Washdown
    • Teflon, FDA white coating
    • Stainless steel housing
    • Sealed connectors/cableing
    • Customer specified housing color

Motor - Explode

Custom Options

  • Mounting
    • Specialized front end caps
    • Foot mounting
    • Gimbal mounts
    • NEMA (16 - 56++)
    • Metric (IEC, various)
  • Winding
    • Optimized Ke and Kt
    • Torque/Speed point
    • DC Supply voltage specific: 12VDC - 650VDC
    • High speed windings and shaft balancing
    • Dual windings
  • Feedback
    • Very high encoder counts (32,000ppr)
    • Customer defined Heidenhain or Stegmann
    • External, auxilary encoders
    • Specialized alignment of feedback device
    • Hollow shaft encoders
  • Custom Shafts
    • Extended/shortened shafts
    • Rear shafts
    • Hollow shafts
    • Splined shafts
    • Keyed shafts
    • Flats on shaft
    • Dual flats shaft
    • Larger/smaller diameter shafts
    • Gundrilled
  • Connectorization/Cables
    • PS, MS or any other connector
    • Zinc coating
    • Electrolysis nickel
    • Pipe thread NPT
    • Mil spec connectors
    • Hard-wired feedback cable
    • Hard-wired single UVW phase cable
    • Hard-wired individual phase cables (x3)
    • Customer specified connector and cable
  • Brakes
    • Spring release
    • Permanent magnet
    • External release
    • 24V/90V
  • Cooling
    • Internal/External liquid cooling
    • Internal liquid cooling
    • External liquid cooling
    • Axial fan kits
    • Blowers
    • Air-over
    • Pressurized air

The above modifications can be combined to create a proprietary motor that you can private label and offer exclusively to your customers. In addition, many companies have discontinued older servo motor designs. Parker often can create a form-fit-function replacement for a servo motor that is no longer available.

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