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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

Parker is Now Producing Gen 8 Motion Solutions for Flat Panel Equipment

Flat Panel Display Manufacturing
Motion Control Systems


Flat Panel

Putting your technology in motion.

Parker has produced the most advanced linear motion technology, has formed the most experienced motion-systems design team and is backed by the financial resources to help drive flat panel processing to capabilities bound only by imagination.

We design and build motion systems that enable your technology and increase your throughput through precise and coordinated speed.

Our manufacturing expertise in large-format Gen 5 to Gen 8 travel and cleanroom-compatible motion systems, coupled with our global support infrastructure, make Parker an ideal motion partner for next-generation development.

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Flat Panel

At Parker, we design solutions that advance our customer’s technology.


Array Processing

The layering process of a thin film transistor includes a wide range of motion sophistication. Motion requirements are unique to each process and equipment design. We have solutions to address the most precise motion needs, as well as more basic motion.

Motion Solution Highlights:

  • Door lifts and load locks
  • Process heads
  • Array test
  • Laser repair

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Color Filter Processing

Recent process advancements in ink jet technology have led to more advanced motion requirements in color filter processing. In these new advanced systems, the glass is in constant coordinated motion with the processing heads or print heads. In these Gen 8 systems, the challenge is maintaining constant velocity as well as the straightness and flatness requirements across the entire length of the substrate.

Motion Solution Highlights:

  • Black matrix forming
  • Ink jet printing
  • Ink curing
  • Visual inspection
  • Laser repair

Motion Design Considerations: straightness, flatness, dynamic accuracy, constant velocity, dynamic straightness and yaw correction of large format, and vibration isolation
Typical System Configurations: X and Θ for glass, Y for print-heads

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Cell Processing

Cell processing covers a variety of motion needs in applying films, sealants, assembly, etc. Specific cell processes have become more challenging in the larger format sizes. One specific example is that of glass alignment across a length up to 3 meters. Parker’s solutions provide the flatness, straightness, and accuracy needed to solve these applications.

Motion Solution Highlights:

  • PI film application
  • Sealant application
  • Space attachment
  • Panel alignment and assembly
  • Liquid crystal injection
  • Final seal
  • Polarizer attachment

Motion Design Considerations: accuracy, constant velocity, flatness, straightness
Typical System Configurations: X, Y, Θ, Z

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Module Processing

Parker has a proven track record of reliability in the electronics industry with motion processes for applications such as PCB board component placement.

In newer process like “chip on glass” alignment of the chip on the glass is critical. Solutions incorporating our I-Force linear motor products provide the dynamic stiffness needed in a compact package.

Motion Solution Highlights:

  • Tab IC
  • Bond drivers to glass & PCB
  • Attach backlight

Motion Design Considerations: point-to-point accuracy, speed, reliability
Typical System Configurations: X, Y, Θ

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Inspection & Repair

Advances in array and color filter processing, the extended travel required for larger formats, and the drive to multi-function equipment are driving advanced motion requirements for inspection and repair equipment. Parker has developed higher precision and coordinated motion solutions to meet these needs.

In addition, our manufacturing expertise in large format travel and clean room-compatible and vacuum-rated motion systems with global support infrastructure, make Parker an ideal motion partner for next-generation development.

Motion Solution Highlights:

  • Array AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)
  • E-beam inspection & repair
  • Visual inspection


Motion Design Considerations: vacuum preparation, heat dissipation, thermal expansion, flatness, straightness, orthogonality
Typical System Configurations: X and Y


Motion Design Considerations: thermal expansion, flatness, straightness, orthogonality
Typical System Configurations: X and Y for glass, Z for camera

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Material Handling/Factory Automation

There are many relatively low-precision applications that require smoothness to ensure product integrity. Transferring and shuttling the substrates from process to process throughout the entire manufacturing plat is vital to limit time and monetary losses due to breakage.

Motion Solution Highlights:

  • Glass loading and unloading
  • Accumulator/stocker
  • Glass edge grinding

Motion Design Considerations: smoothness, range of motion
Typical System Configurations: conveyors, elevators, gantry robots

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