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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

Component Solutions

Parker offers a complete range of component solutions ranging from HMI to controls to drives to motors to mechanics.
Choose best-of-breed products or combinations.
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Sophisticated Control Performance
With their 25µsec servo update rate, the ACR family of controllers provides an ideal servo solution that can be matched with all-digital drives, high-bandwidth linear and rotary motors, for high performance and demanding coordinated motion applications.
Variety of Precision Positioning Tables
Whether it is precise packaged linear stages with the extremely smooth cross-roller-bearing technology, ground ball screw stages, high-speed belt drives or the high precision and smoothness of our ironless linear motors for your gantry design, we have the product breadth to meet your design requirements.
Dynamic Stiffness for Large-Formats
Advanced gantry control algorithms and aircore linear motors provide the dynamic coordination, high forces and smooth velocity control required to meet the needs of large-format manufacturing.
Cleanroom and Vacuum Preparation
Parker’s high-precision positioning tables are available for cleanroom and vacuum preparation. Vacuum preparation for 10-8 torr is achieved by incorporating vented hardware, vacuum-compatible lubrication and special cabling. Cleanroom preparation includes special cable management, lubrication and engineered bearing protection systems.
Configuration Flexibility
Rotary servo motors and Trilogy linear motors combine with packaged and rack-mounted amplifiers for complete high-performance servo solutions. The range of motors and drives allows machine designers to match price and performance for the best fit solution across the various Solar Panel Manufacturing applications.

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