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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

Parker's Big Dogs: Run with POWER!


Parker's Big Dogs!

High Power + High Performance = High Productivity

Parker is making strides in high-power servo products. The newly released Compax3H combined with the MPM320x servo motor is providing a new level of power – up to 75kW, with continuous output torque of 4,000 in-lbs.

Parker's applications and field engineering staff have the expertise to help you specify and successfully guide you through the process of using our High Power Solutions.

In addition to our "Power-Producing" products, Parker's newly released Ethernet Powerlink (our Ethernet-based motion bus) machine controller can be used to control 16-axes of interpolated/coordinated motion. Parker has 15 power levels available on this motion bus...from 1kW to 75kW of continuous power.
Combine all these for...

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At Parker, our high power solutions are advancing our customer's products in number of areas...


Press Feeding

Our heavy-duty servomotors are driving very large diameter rolls providing optimum pulling power, speed and accuracy. These are being powered and controlled by the Compax3H and is providing the system with the latest in servo feed technology.

Motion Solution Highlights:

  • Jog-to-Feed Length control capability
  • High-torque, right-angle reducers
  • High speed synchronization for dual rolls

Motion Design Considerations: Withstanding the harshest of press room environments

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Tube Bending

Controlled with the multi-axis ACR9040, using Parker’s EPL motion bus, the precision and power of the Compax3H and MPM320x servo motors are able to bend the most demanding tube with ease, speed and precision.

Motion Solution Highlights:

  • Highly coordinated/interpolated motion
  • Smooth, fast, accurate and repeatable moves

Motion Design Considerations: Accuracy, precise velocity control, complex motion capability

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Plastic Extrusion

The MPM320x motor that is attached to the feed screw is providing massive amounts of torque and very precise rotational speed control. The plastic pellets (in this case) are moved through the barrel in a highly controlled manner and the Compax3H is monitoring the status of heaters to ensure overheating doesn’t occur. The quality of the process is evident after the polymer is perfectly formed as it leaves the die.

Motion Solution Highlights:

  • Exceptional velocity control
  • PID temperature contol integrated
  • Very high torque density of motors

Motion Design Considerations: PID function block

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Wire Winding

For very large heavy coils and wire to be wound accurately, Parker’s precision controls were used. Parker reduces setup time with electric controls that allows one to precisely set pitch and exact number of rotations. The MPM320x offers high speeds and very high torque output, with continuous power of 75kW. These product give the flexibility needed for multiple speeds, highly varying torque requirements and easy-to-use controls.

Motion Solution Highlights:

  • Unlimited number of speed setpoints
  • Ability to handle small to extra-large capacities and very high torque applications
  • Easily programmed setpoints for wire pitch and position-stop settings

Motion Design Considerations: Singe vendor for full range of motion on winding machines

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Metal Forming

From welding, cutting and forming of sheet metal via laser cutters, punching machines and stamping equipment, Parker's Compax3H and the MPM320x servo motor have solved the toughest, most demanding metal forming applications. These precision products yield the best results in any metal forming process. The very high power requirements of these applications are filled with Parker’s high power line of products.

Motion Solution Highlights:

  • On the fly switching between position and torque/force control
  • Logic/motion integrated into a single package
  • Integrated Category 3 Safety

Motion Design Considerations: Ability to coordinate a high number of servo axes

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High Power Servo Drives with EPL Motion Bus


The Compax3H is the electronic drive that supplies the motor with power. The C3H can take voltages up 480VAC and provide output currents reaching 232 amps. The Compax3 is capable of being a stand-alone unit, containing all of the necessary intelligence to make motion and I/O related decisions. It has logic capability using timers, counters, latches and other PLC-type functions. The Compax3H is completely programmable using the international programming standards of IEC61131-3! It incorporates high-level motion control alongside the logic capabilities to solve complex and precise motion control applications. The drive is also available in a “dumb” version which requires the use of a smart motion controller, like Parker’s ACR9040. The Compax3H is compatible with Ethernet Powerlink (EPL) – Parker’s motion bus – as an EPL Controlled Node. Using the ACR9040, as the EPL network’s Managing Node, one can connect up to 16-axes of high power drives.

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High Power Servo Motors


Parker’s MPM320x motor is one of the highest performing servo motors on the market today. This is made possible by the use of high energy Neodymium IronBoron magnets, and low inertia rotors. All MPM320x motors can be configured with a variety of options. The motors can have various connector options (MS connectors or screw terminals), brakes (spring release or permanent magnet), shaft diameter variations, and foot-mount availability. The MPM320x servo motors also include a blower kit option, for increased output torque. With continuous torque of 4000 in lbs, this is one of the largest servo motors in industry.

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Machine Controls with EPL Motion Bus


Parker’s ACR9000 family of digital machine controllers have added ETHERNET Powerlink to its platform: the ACR9040. This lightning-fast, deterministic, Ethernet-based motion bus greatly simplifies and speeds the installation and commissioning processes. Complete with Ladder Logic, the ACR9000 family can solve the most complex machine-control applications integrating up to 16 axes of servo control.

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