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Window Blind Gluing

A window blind manufacturer uses an adhesive to form a seam along the edge of the material. It is critical that the glue be applied evenly to aboid flaws; however, the speed that the material passes beneath the dispensing head is not constant. The glue needs to be dispensed at a rate proportional to the varying speed of the material.

Machine Objectives:

  • Allow for varying material speed
  • Dispense glue evenly
  • Allow for multiple blind lengths

Motion Control Requirements:

  • Synchronization to material speed
  • Encoder following capabilities
  • Sequence storage

Application Solution:

A step and direction indexer/follower and a microstepping motor/drive are used to power a displacement pump. The indexer/follower is programmed to run the motor/drive at a velocity proportional to the primary velocity of the material, based on the input from the rotary incremental encoder. This ensures a constant amount of glue along the length of the material.

Product Solutions:

  • Indexer/Drive - GT6K-L5*
  • Motor - OS22B
  • *The ZETA6104 indexer/drive has also been used in this type of application.

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