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Web Processing

A customer needs to perform rotary printing on a moving web. In this application, the web is the primary axis and its position and speed are measured with an encoder. The web has an existing repeating pattern that is detected with a registration sensor. The secondary axis drives a rotary print drum. The print drum has a raised and linked portion that lays down the new pattern on top of the existing pattern. Several requirements are key to the success of this application.

Machine Objectives:

  • High accuracy
  • Single Axis Control
  • Constant Master/Slave synchronization during each print cycle

Motion Control Requirements:

  • Accurate line speed control
  • Rotary Motion
  • Servo motor control

Application Solution:

An encoder measures the web's position and speed while the existing pattern on the web is detected by a registration sensor. To avoid smearing during printing, the print drum surface speed and web speed is at a 1:1 ratio. Registration errors arising due to web slippage, strectching, or the original pattern not being perfectly regular are solved by using the registration sensor.

Product Solutions:

  • Controller/Drive - GV6K-U12E*
  • Motors - N0923HE
  • *The APEX6152 controller/drive has also been used in this type of application.

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