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Transfer Machine

A stage of a transfer machine is required to drill several holes in a casting using a multi-head drill. It requires accurate positioning and cutting speed with a fast-retract option to set the next cycle. Due to the proximity of other equipment, the length in the direction of travel is restricted. This application provides the solution and also monitors drill wear and breakage.

Motion Control Requirements:

  • Packaged drive controller
  • High duty cycle
  • Complex motion profile
  • High speed

Application Solution:

The combined requirements of high speed, high duty cycle and monitoring of drill wear make it necessary to use a servo motor. Since in a brush motor, access for maintenance is difficult, a brushless motor should be selected. Moreover, a ballscrew drive is required to achieve the high stiffness together with speed.

Product Solutions:

  • Controller/Drive - GV6K*
  • Motor - N0923KR
  • *The GV6 and APEX6152 servo controller/drives have also been used in this type of application.

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