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Surface Grinding Machine

A specialty machine shop is improving the efficiency of its surface grinding process. The existing machine is sound mechanically, but manually operated. Automating the machine will free the operator for other tasks, which will increase overall throughput of the machine shop.

Machine Objectives:

  • Allow flexibility to machine various parts
  • Easy set up for new parts
  • Automate all three axes
  • Keep operator informed as to progress
  • Low-cost solution
  • High-resolution grinding

Motion control Requirements:

  • PC-based operation
  • Multi-axis controller
  • Operator interface

Application Solution:

A four-axis motion controller is required for this application. The operator utilizes the controller's jog function to position the grinding head at the proper "spark off" height. From this point, the controller takes over and finishes the part while the operator works on other critical tasks. Increasing the parts repeatibilty and throughput of the process justified the cost of automating the machine.

Product Solutions:

  • Controller - 6K*
  • Drive - GV-U6E
  • Motor - N0702FE
  • *The AT6450 servo controller has also been used in this type of application.

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