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Rotating Tube Cutter

Metal tubing feeds off a spool and needs to be cut into predetermined lengths. A rotating blade mechanism is used to cut the tube, and the blade mechanism must spin around the tube many times in order to complete the cut. The throughput of this mechanism must be maximized, so the tubing connot be stopped while this cut is being made. Therefore, to make a clean cut on the tube, the blade must move along with the tube while the cut is being performed.

Machine Objectives:

  • Standalone operation
  • Move cutting mechanism with the tubing to make the cut without stopping
  • Simple user interface to set different tube lengths
  • High accuracy on cut

Motion Control Requirements:

  • Programmable I/O
  • Program storage
  • Position following
  • High acceleration and speed

Application Solution:

A single-axis servo controller/drive was chosen to solve this application. An external encoder monitors the tube output and sends this information back to the servo system. The servo system tracks the length of the tube that is being fed past the cutting blade. Once the appropriate amount of material has been fed past the blade, the servo accelerates the cutting device up to the speed of the tube, sends an output to start the cutter, and then follows the tube speed exactly.

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