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Rotary Indexer

This application involves a new design for a machine to fill vials in a pharmaceutical company. The new machine replaces an old style Geneva mechanism. A microstepping motor provides smooth motion and prevents spillage. The vials have negligible mass and may be ignored for the purposes of motor sizing. A low load-to-rotor inertia ratio gently moves the vials and fills them.

Machine Requirements:

  • Smooth motion
  • PLC control
  • Variable index lengths
Motion Control Requirements:

  • Smooth motion
  • Sequence select capability
  • I/O for sequence select
  • Programmable acceleration and deceleration

Application Solution:

The index distance may be changed by the engineer who is controlling the machine with a programmable controller. Move parameters will be changing and can therefore be set via BCD inputs. The indexer can be "buried" in the machine and activated with a remote START input.

Product Solutions:

  • Indexer/Drive - ZETA6104*
  • Motor - RS33B
  • *The 6K, 6200, and AT6200 are other indexer products that have been used in these types of appplications.

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