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Plastic Injection Molding

A manufacturer of injection molding machines wants a system that will close a molding chamber, apply pressure to the molding chamber for 5 seconds and then open the mold. This action needs to be synchronized with other machine events. When the molding chamber is open the motor must be "parked" at a designated position to allow clearance to remove the molded part. The manufacturer would like an electronic solution (this is the only hydraulic axis on the current machine).

Machine Objectives:

  • Electronic solution
  • Computer-controlled solution
  • 4000N (900lbs.)force

Motion Control Requirements:

  • Position and torque control
  • Serial link to computer and other drives
  • Ability to change pressure and dwell

Application Solution:

A BDHX75E/230V brushless servo drive with an MD3450/230V motor and an ETS80-BO4LA Electro-Thurst Electric Cylinder were used. The BDHX servo was chosen because it can switch between position control and torque control on-the-fly without instability or saturation and then, while in torque control mode, directly controls motor torque.

Product Solutions:

  • Controller/Drive - BDHX75E/230V
  • Motor - MD3450/230V
  • Actuator - E2580-BO4LA

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