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Conveyor Application

Tangential drives consist of a pulley or pinion which, when rotated, exerts a force on a belt to move a linear load. They permit a lot of flexibility in the design of drive mechanics, and can be very accurate with little backlash. In this application a machine vision system automatically inspects small parts for defects. The parts are placed on a conveyor, which is controlled to allow them to pass through the camera's field of view at a constant velocity.

Machine Requirements:

  • Computer-controlled system
  • High accuracy
  • Low backlash

Motion Control Requirements:

  • Accurate velocity control
  • Linear motion
  • High resolution
  • AT bus-based motion control card

Application Solution:

A computer controls the entire inspection machine. A bus-based compatible indexer card was selected. A microstepping motor/drive system that supplied 100 oz-in of static torque was also chosen to complete the application

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