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Capacitor Winder

The customer winds aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Six reels, two with foil and four with paper, are all wound togther to form the capacitor. The previous system used a PLC, conventional DC drives and counters to initiate all machine functions. Moreover lengthly set-up times and caliberation procedures and material breakage were common. This application solves these problems with the use of appropriate components.

Machine Objectives:

  • Constantly monitor the linear feed length of the paper and foil and calculate the constantly changing capacitor circumference as a function of that length.
  • A complete motion control package is required to eliminate the need for a PLC and separate motion card.
  • Reduce time and complexity of set-up (too much writing in previous system)
  • Reduce machine down time caused by material breakage

Motion Control Requirements:

  • Following
  • Two Axes of coordinated Motion
  • Math capability
  • AT-based control card

Application Solution:

Precise motion control of the material feed axes demands closed-loop servo commands. Analog and digital I/O actuates the external cylinder. A flexible operator interface is used for diagnostics and alterations in machine functions. All these are provided with a machine controller. To avoid material breakage, a constant tension is applied on all reels via air cylinders. Moreover, a support software allows the user to make his own controller programs which results in the machine working automatically till the job is completed.

Product Solutions:

  • Controller - AT6250*
  • Drives - 2 GV-U6Es**
  • Motors - 2 N0702Fs**
  • Accessories - -E Encoder
  • *The 6K2 standalone 2-axis servo controller communicating over ethernet, DeviceNet, or Profibus has also been used in this type of application.
  • **The APEX20/APEX40 and TQ10 servo drives with the SM233BE motor have also been used.

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