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Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division gives analytical equipment builders and OEMs the products they need to solve even the most complex challenges. With both electrical and mechanical components and pre-packaged solutions to speed your time to market and lower the cost of ownership, Parker is your single source for analytics.

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Sample Solutions:

Analytical Instruments

    Analytical Instruments

A manufacturer of lab automation analytical instruments presented the challenge of moving XYZ motion in a 300 x 300 x 100 mm stroke range in a package weighing less than 10 lbs and small enough to be portable. The customer needed light weight motion for smaller power requirements and ease of portability. The customer also needed a tightly integrated solution to minimize the instrument footprint.

Parker met the design challenges with the new LCR Series linear actuators and P2 Stepper Drives combined with the LV Stepper motors in a complete system solution designed specifically for the application at hand utilizing these short lead time products. The LCR solution offers a complete integrated screw, bearing, motor design with a stainless steel strip seal to keep debris out of the unit and an optional stepper drive for easy motion integration.

    Microarraying Microarraying

The increased understanding of genes and proteins has driven the need for more data. Microarray analysis permits scientists to detect and analyze thousands of genes in an array simultaneously. Using a design that includes reduced spot size and an ability to place the maximum number of spots in the minimum area, microarray analysis systems help researchers get the most data from each experiment.

Key Considerations:

  • Smooth Motion
  • High Resolution
  • Minimize Benchtop Footprint
  • Maintenance-Free Operation

  • Primary Components:

  • 404LXR Linear-Motor Tables
  • PROmech Linear Tables
  • SM Motor
  • Gemini Motor Drives

  • Parker combined the XR and LXR linear tables to form systems that deliver the multi-axis motion needed for microarray spotting. With the ability of the LXR linear-motor tables to achieve resolutions as low as 0.1 micron, these tables offered the center-to-center spotting distances needed to maximize array densities. The linear motor tables met the dispensing demands with speeds ranging from 0.3 meters/second to 3.0 meters/second, depending on the encoder resolution. With the linear motor built into the body of the LXRtables, the overall size reduced the benchtop footprint.

    Liquid Handling X,Y,Z

    A manufacturer of laboratory automation equipment needed electromechanical sub-assemblies for integration into an automated liquid handling machine. This machine would be required to operate at close to 100% duty cycle, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in a production laboratory environment for liquid analysis. A three-axis motion system was needed for moving the dispenser assembly over an array of microtiter plates. The travel envelope of the system was 800mm X 300mm X 75mm. The customer would assemble, integrate, and program the completed system which included the X, Y, Z system, motors, drives, and control panel.

    Parker Life Sciences' systems and products, offered at "Selectable Levels of Integration," enabled a perfect fit solution to be found from standard catalog linear tables. Based on travel, load, throughput, and other performance criteria, the LXR linear-motor table and XR ball-screw table were selected as the primary mechanical components for this three-axis system. Two 404LXR units comprised the X & Y axes and a smaller 401XR was selected for the Z axis. Flexible options such as a long life cable management system, electric brakes, and inter-axis pinning greatly simplified the integrator's efforts.

    Parker's ability to provide tables, motors, drives, guarding, and accessories, minimized the possibility of making costly mistakes which often occurs when components acquired from different manufacturers are not matched and sized correctly.



    When a microscopy application for slide inspection and analysis required accurate placement of up to 1536 well microtitre plates for DNA sequencing and analysis was presented to Parker, we began an integrated solution with the customer. Utilizing an aesthetically appealing package in an XY footprint with stainless steel covers and cleam room compatible options, Parker designed an XY system with a 2' x 2' footprint to integrate seamlessly into the OEM machinery.

    The Parker solution was chose for it's compact profile, it's precision placement, and the ease of working with Parker through the design and specifications stage through purchasing and receipt of product with all steps along the way being orchestrated by the experienced Parker sales channel.

    Mass Spectrometry

    A manufacturer of ionization equipment needed programmable, repeatable motion to position a test probe for a mass spectrometry instrument. Enabling the use of direct analysis in real time for routine desorption ionization of solids is critical for applications such as thin layer chromatography, tablet analysis, and determination of compounds present on surfaces. The instrument manufacturer has been able to design a means for easy sample introduction for rapid, reproducible mass spectrometry based analysis.

    Parker Electromechanical Systems provided a single easy to integrate cost effective linear axis. The OEM needed a user friendly, low cost, quality solution that had a proven track record and the provide the ideal solution for the application. Parker is able to partner with the OEM to customize a readily availible solution for their next generation of products.LCR Series Actuators and LV motors



    A manufacturer of laboratory equipment required very high speed rotary motion to support their centrifuge product offering. These centrifuge machines support applications ranging from clinical blood banking, molecular biology, genomics and drug discovery. Due to the excessive speeds (up to 20,000rpm), space constraints within the centrifuge main body and requirements for quick response and settling times, fully integrated servo motors were the solution. Parker provided a K089 frameless kit motor fully housed into the customers machine.

    Parker K-Series Kit Motors provide:

  • Superior Performance – high stiffness and better response
  • High Reliability – no mechanical transmission devices (couplings, flanges)
  • Compact Design – minimizes product size
  • Low Cogging – unique magnetic circuit design decreases cogging

  • Product Solutions:

    Integrated Motion Control LCR Series

  • Low Cost
  • Rugged Positioners
  • Easy to size, select, and integrate
  • Compact footprint for minimized machine size
  • Various lead screws and belt driven options
  • Varying stroke lengths from 1 mm to 1000 mm

  • LV Series stepper motors LV Series

  • High-performance
  • Value-priced
  • Size 11 through 34
  • Encoders available

  • MX-80 high precision positioners MX-80

  • Only 80 mm wide and less than 2 inches tall
  • Linear motor version for high precision high speed
  • Ball screw version for higher thrust capacity and long life
  • Lead screw options for cost concious applications
  • Stroke lengths up to 200 mmDriven by stepper or servo motors


  • Microstepping Drive and Drive/Oscillator
  • Small open frame, low cost design
  • 12-42VDC input, 3.5A output
  • Step/Dir version or Speed Control version

  • IPS Structural Support/Framing Workstations and Guarding

  • Smooth body extrusions with no grooves
  • Inch or Metric Profiles
  • Bundled solutions, kits, or raw components
  • 24 hour or less quote turnaround

  • P2 Stepper Drive P2

  • 12-24 VDC input with up to 2 Amps current output
  • Standby and Run Current Adjustability
  • 1 inch square by 3 inches long
  • 3200 Steps per rev standard

  • Frameless Kit Motors Frameless Kit Motors

  • High Torque - from 0.06 Nm to 9.7 Nm
  • High Speeds - up to 50,000 RPM
  • Superior Performance high stiffness & better response
  • Compact Design minimizes product size

  • EX-DC microstepping drive/controller EX-DC

  • Microstepping Drive/Controller
  • 24-48 VDC input, up to 4.8 A output current
  • Fully programmable
  • On-board program storage and I/O

  • HMI Interface Interact X

  • 21CFR11 Compliance
  • Up to 17" color touchscreens
  • COM drivers for 35+ manufacturers
  • Stainless Steel bezel options

  • Motion Controllers ACR9000

  • 1 - 16 axis of control in a single box
  • COM drivers for LabView
  • Stepper or servo controls
  • On-board program storage and I/O

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