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Together, we can reduce cycle time, slash development time, and create more free time.

Parker Introduces New Product Family

Your development:
  • Products that are designed to work together.
  • Intuitive Design Tools that reduce training.
  • PLC and Multi-Axis motion control integrated in a single PAC.
  • Industry standard Programming.
  • SCADA development time reduced by reusing HMI screens and data.
  • Move information Anywhere that is needed with simple web publishing tools.

Tag Sharing:

  • Controller tags are automatically imported into your HMI.
  • Standard suite of tags automatically generated for each Axis motion.

Machine Layout and Wiring:

  • Ethernet Powerlink High Speed motion.
  • Reduce wiring time and cost.
  • Places drive closer to the "Action".
  • Allows distributed Architercutre.
  • Easily handled Ethernet cabling.

Remote Support:

  • Remote editing and support over any IP connection - Standard.

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Case Erectors
Conveying Machines
Palletizing Equipment
filling and Sealing Operations
Carton-making Machines
Tape Machines

Supporting Technologies

Pneumatic Valve & Air Prep
Pneumatic Actuators
Hose, Tubing & Fittings
Industrial Profile Systems

Parker's solutions for packaging include:

InteractX software, an innovative Windows-embedded HMI system developed specifically for machine control and OEM needs, provides the easiest application and development process at the lowest installed cost for Windows HMI -- without forcing OEMs to expensive platforms or IT services.

XPR PowerStations. They stand up to any factory floor environment with NEMA 4X-rated front panels, fanless operation, embedded CPUs and an industry-leading 24-month warranty.

ACR9640 Xpress Programmable Automation Controller (PAC), which provides users with a single integrated development environment for all their machine control needs, offering the powerful multi-axis ETHERNET Powerlink (EPL)-based motion control engine of the existing ACR9000 family products, tightly coupled with discrete and analog I/O capabilities.

Parker Factory Display (PFD), which offers unprecedented flexibility and impact for delivering critical messages to associates on the factory floor.

HPLA series, a rugged linear module that combines high speed, high acceleration, and long travels with stiff, rigid construction characteristics.

MPP motors, which are designed for the demanding applications found in today's high-performance servo systems. Parker's MPP motors feature segmented lamination technology, which can yield up to 40 percent higher torque per unit size than conventionally wound servo motors.

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Our Interact XpressTM HMI was the first product introduced in The Xpress family. Interact XpressTM offers an affordable Web connected HMI solution that delivers on machine HMI editing coupled with direct tag import from Parker's ACR-9600 Xpress controller. The easy to use development environment coupled with the tight integration with our other Xpress family Products will have your project up and running in record time! When the time comes to add a Supervisory level of Visualization, our InteractX product saves up to 80% of your development time and cost by re-using the screens and data from the Interact XpressTM Machine level HMI applications.


Programmable Automation Controller:
The ACR-9600 has been Designed from the ground up to solve your machine Control applications. The ACR-9600 Xpress family supports an intuitive IEC-61131 Development environment, tight integration with our Interact Xpress HMI and simplified integration and commissioning with our Aries EPL Xpress Drive solutions.


Servo Drives:
Parker offers two families of Ethernet PowerLink enabled Servo drives. Our Aries EPL Xpress drives are designed for Power applications up to 1300 Watts and 6.2 ARMS continuous, 14.2 ARMS peak and offer Xpress family ease of integration with ACR9600 PAC Xpress controller. Our Compax3 family of EPL drives are scalable from 1kW all the way to over 100kW with 17 models in the family.


High-bandwidth Servo Motors:
Parkerís MPP motor line incorporates leading-edge technology in the design. Continuous output torque can reaches 4000 in-lbs and all these motors can be customized to meet the demands of any application. The MPP motors are available in very dynamic low-inertia rotor design and also a higher inertia version for better control in higher load situations. Utilize Parkerís full customization ability to source a motor with special design needs.


Parkerís Stealth PV series of gearheads combines power, versatility and performance in a single package. The PV seriesí innovative, maintenance-free design, high axial-load capability and flexibility to mount to nearly any motor make this productís value second to none.


Linear Actuators:
From Parkerís HPLA high-speed roller-bearing belt drives to the HD, a ballscrew driven industrial table providing exceptional beam strength and carriage stiffness, Parkerís linear drives are suitable for the most rigorous applications. For smaller/lighter loads and where space is at a premium, Parkerís XE series and the PROmech series are the industry choice for linear motion.


Linear Thrust Cylinders:
Parkerís ET series combines an unparalleled, robust design with a variety of options that make it very easy to integrate. The ET series can mount into existing fluid power cylinder applications, adding infinite programmability to the durability and long life expected of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The ET comes in 9 ISO mounting possibilities and 5 profile sizes, and it can provide thrust forces up to 10,000lbf.


High-bandwidth Linear Servo Motors:
If the combination of Parkerís MPP motors and linear actuators doesnít provide the speed and accuracy needed, look at Parkerís full line of linear motor technology. Parker has both high- and low-force linear motors. With a complete line of ironless (I-Force) and ironcore (RIPPED) linear motors and linear motor positioners, packagers are sure to find both the speed and precision needed in todayís high-throughput applications.

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