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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

Engineered Custom Modifications





Laser Cutting

Key Considerations:

  • High Throughput
  • High Precision
  • Integrated System

Primary Components:

  • 406LXR Linear Motor Drive Tables

The Challenge:
Automated motion systems have become an integral part of IC and wafer production. This is due largely to the continued demands  for tighter specifications and improved throughput. Because of the complexity associated with automated systems, many manufacturers insist on a single source supplier of these systems, to eliminate multiple vendor design incompatibilities and delivery conflicts.
A leading supplier of critical components for semi-conductor manufacturing equipment required a high throughput, two axis (X-Y) precision positioning system. This system would be utilized to position a laser over semi-conductor wafers where contouring moves are performed to cut intricate patterns into the wafers.

System parameters:

  • Travel Range: 650
  • X650 mm ( 25’ X 25”)
  • Velocity: 1 meter per second
  • Acceleration:  1g
  • Precision: 0.025 millimeters (total)


The Solution:
Three independently controlled linear motor driven tables (406LXR) were utilized as the primary components in this system. High velocity, high acceleration, and fast settling time were key attributes that contributed to their selection.
The X-axis is comprised of two parallel units (X-X’) supported by precision ground risers and mounting surface plate. The work envelope is located between the X- axis and the surface plate. The risers and surface plate were necessary to allow system portability without affecting accuracy.
A single 406LXR is utilized for the Y-axis to form the open center gantry system. The 406LXR is ideal as the gantry cross member because of its high stiffness to weight ratio.  It offers rigid support without the need for additional structural elements, resulting in a cost effective system, providing extremely straight linear translation  over the entire travel length of travel. The LXR’s standard cable management system enabled simple, straight forward hook-up to the motor drives and controller.






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