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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

Engineered Custom Modifications


Industrial / Aerospace




Key Considerations:

  • Rugged Construction
  • Light Weight
  • Rigged Support Structure
  • Travel distance of 200 inches
  • Maximum Width of 14 inches
  • 50 Pound Cantilevered Load

Primary Components:

  • HLE100RB Linear Modules


The Challenge:
For obvious reasons consistency of manufacturing is an absolute in the aircraft industry.  Even a basic labeling process must be performed in a reliable systematic fashion. One aspect of jet aircraft manufacturing is the placement of safety stickers within the interior of the fuselage.

A machine integrator working for a large U.S. manufacturer of jet aircraft required a positioning system to be used in conjunction with a low power laser to systematically identify the correct locations for the placement of the safety stickers. This system had to be lightweight and mobile so that it could be moved in and out of the aircraft with relative ease. At the same time, it had to be rugged enough sustain rigorous bumping and jarring that would occur while sliding along assembly line rollers within the fuselage.
The positioning system must sequencially move the laser to specific programmed locations, where the laser beam marks the spot for the safety sticker to be applied.


The Solution:
Two HLE100RB Linear Modules (one driven & one free travel) with two standard carriages on each module provide the primary support and motion. The idler (free travel) module and the second carriage on each module provide a larger bearing footprint to address the stiffness and moment load considerations. 40mm x 160mm Par-frame structural aluminum elements are used for the support structure.
To avoid component damage, limit sensors and cable carriers are placed internally, and the servo motor is protected with structural aluminum guarding.



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