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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

Engineered Custom Modifications


Food & Beverage



Beverage Bar Filler

Key Considerations:

  • Highly caustic chemical wash-down
  • 48" travel cycle per second
  • 24 hours/day; 365 day/year

Primary Components:

  • Custom belt driven roud rail table

The Challenge:
A customer in the beverage industry required an economical linear positioner for beverage handling equipment. This unit would be subjected to highly caustic chemical wash-downs and also be required to satisfy a very demanding motion profile:

  • 3g acceleration to 120 inches per second,followed by a 3g deceleration;
  • 48" cycle per second;
  • 24 hours operation - 365 days per year.

The Solution:
A Daedal belt driven round rail table was designed utilizing (2) 316 stainless steel bearing shafts combined with phenolic sleeve type bushings to form the support bearing assembly. The bushing housings were "self aligning", to enable the bushings to pivot about their centers adjusting for any misalignment between bushings on each shaft.

On subsequent units, Daedal designed a FR4 glass filled phenolic substitute for 316 stainless and aluminum in the bushings and other construction components to reduce costs (this material is is about ¾ the cost of 316 stainless) as well as satisfy the caustic environment condition.This material demonstrate machining and strength properties comparable to aluminum and has chemical resis- tance properties similar to 316 stainless.

The prototype unit successfully completed rigorous life testing (over 3 million cycles) to assure that the desired performance would be achieved. Since then, production units have installed and operating successfully for over 18 months, requiring only routine maintenance after six months of continuous operation




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