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Photovoltaic Cell Manufacturing

Key Considerations:

  • Fast settling time
  • Low mechanical vibration
  • Minimum 3G acceleration
  • system Stiffness

Primary Components:

  • 406LXR linear motor tables

The Challenge:
Photovoltaics (PV) is a high-technology approach to converting sunlight directly into electrical energy. Simply stated, a photo-voltaic device is a solar powered battery whose only consumable is the light that fuels it. Photocells are used to power devices ranging from watches to space stations. A manufacturer of photovoltaic cells is developing a new type of PV module and requires a multi-axis positioner for manipulating laser light to create a photovoltaic image in glass. This system requires four axes of motion: three linear axes (XYZ), and a rotary axis (q).To position the laser above the desired cell. The customer required high through-put in combination with a high degree of precision.

The Solution:
To meet travel, load, throughput and precision specifications, a Daedal LXR based gantry system was selected for the X-Y support axes. Two parallel mounted 406LXR units are used to form the X-X’ axis and a single unit for the cross member Y axis. Although the extruded construction of 406LXR provides a high degree of rigidity, a stiffener plate was added for the higher strength and rigidity required to support the Z-axis, q axis and laser device (without compromising the straightness of travel specification).
The 406LXR’s high acceleration/velocity attributes, combine with precise positioning and quick settling time to satisfy the stringent performance requirements for this demanding application.


Application Story #1103





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