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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

Engineered Custom Modifications





Non-Destructive Testing


Key Considerations:

  • Complete Three Axis System
    including  support structure, cabling and safety curtains
  • Precise Aligment under heavy load - 500 lbs
  • 0.002 Inch total accumulative system error over entire travel

Primary Components:

  • Custom Built Square Rail Linear Tables
  • Custom Designed Heavy Duty Rotary Table


The Challenge:
The performance of modern aircraft has been dramatically improved as a result of light weight, high strength composite materials being used as the prin-cipal construction material.  One application the composite material which is applied and bonded in layers. It is critical that the bonds are free from any defects, or potential defects.
To inspect these bonds and assure their structural integrity,a unique three dimensional scanning process was developed. The line of the scanning beam is transmitted horizontally at the composite test piece. The wing and fixturing weigh over five hundred pounds, yet must be precisely positioned relative to the scanning beam to achieve reliable test results. Any positional error would cause a costly misread. Three axes of motion were required. The test piece & fixture are mounted to a q-axis which rotates 360 degrees about a vertical axis. The q-axis unit is mounted to a Y-axis which moves twenty inches horizontally & perpendicular to the beam. Finally,  a Z-axis which moves forty inches vertically, supporting and positioning the total load. The motion program for the test requires the Z-axis to move the fixture vertically and the q-axis rotate it in a precisely controlled manner while the beam passes through. The vertical path which is established by these two units cannot deviate more than 0.002" over the  total travel. This includes the pitch and yaw of the Z-axis plus the wobble of the q-axis combined.


The Solution:
Parker, Daedal Division provided the solution that perfectly matched the requirements for this process. This included the motion system, cable management and wiring to the control panel, safety light curtains and a 16 ft. X 8 ft. X 5 ft. steel machine frame - required to support the scanning equipment, motion system, auxiliary equipment plus the test piece and fixturing.
Both the Y-axis an Z-axis units were robust versions of Daedal's 400ST Series Tables.  These custom designed, ruggedly constructed tables included heavy duty linear square rail bearings and precision ground ball-screw. The Z-axis unit was able to offer very high axial strength in combination with precision posi-tioning and straight-line accuracy for over forty inches of travel. The q-axis was a custom rotary unit equipped with a rugged bearing to minimize wobble and a worm gear drive mechanism. 
The complete system was shipped, installed and aligned by Daedal technicians and the local Parker integrator, and successfully passed all qualification requirements.






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