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Electromechanical Automation (Motion Control Systems), North America:  

Engineered Custom Modifications


The application examples shown here are a small sample of the multitude of manufacturing processes where Parker system solutions are being utilized.  From factory floors to clean rooms, Parker provides versatile motion systems and subsystems that maximize manufacturing productivity.


Automotive Component Assembly Machine
Tooling station positioner to replace mechanical cam
6 inch vertical travel with electromechanical brake on ballscrew
0.0002 inch position repeatability
Dowel holes in table base and carriage for precise mounting
Strip seals on table to keep fingers and debris out of table


Sealant Dispensing for Engine Rocker Covers
Contour path – CAD to motion
XYZ (18 in x 14 in x 6 in) work area
High stiffness tables for cantilevered mounting
Cable carriers for multi-axis system
Precision ground ballscrews for smooth, quiet operation


Catheter and Stent Manufacturing for Medical Industry
XY positioning for micromanufacturing of precision instruments
Miniature positioners with Nema 16 servo motors
0.00002 inch resolution with linear encoder feedback
Continuous duty cycle
Precision grade tables with special laser interferometer testing


Food and Beverage Packaging
Filling machine in washdown environment
Stainless steel construction
FDA approved lubrication
30 inch travel; 50 lb load
Continuous duty at 120 in/sec velocity; 3 g acceleration


Rapid Prototype Machines
Automated process for fabricating dense metal parts by fusing
metal powder within the focal beam of a laser
Combined linear motor, ballscrew and belt drive technologies
Complete with machine base and cable management system
Special straightness and flatness testing
Custom engineered brackets

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