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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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Servo Motor Pinouts, Cable Drawings & Connector Kits

Upgrading Interact Panels

Retired Products

C3 Servomanager Communication Troubleshooting

UL and cUL compliance

Controller Cable Drawings

C3 IEC Libraries and How to install Targets

How to order InteractX upgrades

Custom Gearhead options

RS232 Troubleshooting for 6000 Series Products

Back up a 6K program

X Language Products - Communication via RS232

Backing up 6000 Programs


Virtual Engineer - Online Sizing and Selection
Virtual Engineer FAQ's

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ACR-View6, C3 Servo Manager and C3 Firmware, CoDeSys Editor, Aries Support Tool, Motion Planner, Motion Sizer, Motion Architect, EL Sizing

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ACR Sample Files, Compax3 Samples, 6K Series samples,

CAD, Drawings and 3D Models
CTC, drives and controller/drives, DAEDAL, Trilogy, Controllers, MPP/MPJ Servo Motors,  PS/PX Gearheads, RS/RX Gearheads

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ACR Family, Aries Series, Compax3 Series, CTC HMI Products, Daedal Products, 6K Family, Gemini, ZETA, ViX Series

Locations & Accommodations, Dates, Training Courses, Email Training Manager

General Motion Control, ACR Programming, Aries Support Tool, Gearhead Intro, Mounting Kits, Compax3 I10T10, Compax3 I11T11, C3 with ETH, C3 Motor Manager, Life Cycle Test, MPP Servos, Servo Motor Cables, Mounting motors to gearheads, Compax3 Rotary Tuning, Compax3 Linear Tuning, GV and GT drive setup, GV6 and GT6 drive/controller setup, Kit Motors, 6K and GV6K and GT6K, MotionArchitect & 6000 series (Including Zeta6000, Apex6000)

New! : Updated Motion Sizer Databases

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