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 The APEX Series
Brushless Servo Systems

The APEX series provides a common user-friendly system that delivers high performance and reliability in many different packages. The entire series can operate a variety of servo motors, in addition to the standard resolver-based motors. Each unit can accept either hall effect or resolver commutation feedback and can be configured for different pole pair motors.

The entire series incorporates the latest developments in power electronics, including a Smart power block that interfaces directly to the control board. The APEX10, 20 and 40 drives are designed for use with servo controllers in torque or velocity mode, to allow control by any standard ±10V analog servo controller.

The APEX6151, APEX6152 and APEX6154 combine the power and reliability of Compumotor's APEX10, 20 and 40 drives with the flexibility of the company's 6000 Series of analog servo controllers. All of these APEX systems use digital signal processor (DSP) technology for a position loop update time of 205 µsec, and a separate microprocessor to execute high-level motion programs. This advanced design makes the series one of the highest performing single-axis stand-alone systems in the industry today.

The APEX6151, 6152 and 6154 also include the powerful set of 6000 position-based following commands that are required in electronic gearing, flying cutoff, and random timing infeed applications.

The APEX Series offers maximum ease-of-use through Motion Architect and Motion Builder Compumotor's exclusive application development software.

Motion Architect allows a user to automatically generate setup code, edit and execute motion control programs, and create a custom operator test panel.

Motion Builder provides a visual development environment for graphical icon-based programming of the 6000 Series products.

A Servo Tuner module is available as an option to Motion Architect, providing a powerful servo tuning aide. The APEX Series is also compatible with Motion Toolbox and DDE Server for additional application flexibility.
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