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OFS 350-OSC Microstepping Drive/Controller

  • Self contained Drive/Controller - no additional step controller required
  • Easy to use - simply activate the RUN input with a manual pushbutton or an electronic switch closure
  • On-board oscillator with accel, decel and speed control pots
  • Add external pots, a joystick, or an analog signal for more sophisticated control
  • Open frame design lowers cost and maximizes value
  • Convenient screw terminal connectors
  • 12,800 steps per revolution
  • 12 - 42VDC input voltage
  • Up to 3.5 A peak motor current per phase
  • Drives size 11, 14, 17, 23 and 34 steppers
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Price, Real Time Availability and On-line Ordering:
    OFS-350-OSC drive/oscillator and LV111-02-FL step motor bundle
    OFS-350-OSC drive/oscillator and LV113-02-FL step motor bundle
    OFS-350-OSC drive/oscillator and LV171-02-FL step motor bundle
    OFS-350-OSC drive/oscillator and LV173-02-FL step motor bundle
    OFS-350-OSC drive/oscillator and LV231-02-FL step motor bundle
    OFS-350-OSC drive/oscillator and LV233-02-FL step motor bundle
    OFS-350-OSC drive/oscillator and LV341-02-FL step motor bundle
    OFS-350-OSC microstepping drive/oscillator, 3.5 A, 12-42VDC

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    Included part numbers in this series

    OFS350-OSC-LV173 , OFS350-OSC-LV233 , OFS350-OSC-LV113 , OFS350-OSC-LV171 , OFS350-OSC-LV231 , OFS350-OSC-LV341 , OFS350-OSC , OFS350-OSC-LV111

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