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 S, SX & SXF Series
Packaged Microstepping Systems

The S Family of drives and drive/indexer systems are standalone, packaged microstepping systems. Designed for reliability, the S Series step and direction input drive, the SX Series drive/indexer, and the SXF drive/indexer with encoder following, all offer top quality performance.

Both the SX and SXF utilize Compumotor’s latest X-language enhancements and are easily programmed over an RS-232C interface. These products can perform registration moves, and they are also equipped to provide complex move profiling.

Common Features


  • Torques from 65 to 1,900 oz-in
  • Speeds to 50 rps (3,000 rpm) continuous
  • 16 user selectable motor resolutions to 50,800 steps/rev
  • Three-state current control for reduced motor heating
  • User-selectable current waveform for smooth operation
  • Zero phase input resets phase currents to the power up positions
  • Fault output for remote signaling and diagnostics
  • Optically isolated step and direction, shutdown and zero phase inputs
  • Anti-resonance eliminates mid-range instability
  • Safety interlock in the motor connector to prevent connector damage if connector is removed with power applied
  • Fully short circuit protected—phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground with no time limit
  • Enclosed to prevent contaminants from entering the drive enclosure
  • Power dump circuitry protects the drive from large inertial loads
Interface Capability
  • RP240 remote panel interface, see page C119 Physical
  • Nine motors with 10 foot motor cables. Available in 23, 34 and 42 frame sizes
  • Drive status indicators; power, step input, undervoltage, overvoltage and motor fault
SX Series
  • Extended edition of X programming language
  • Motion calculation delay times as low as 500 microseconds
  • Conditional branching commands
  • Separate acceleration and deceleration commands
  • 50 user defined variables
  • Registration input
  • Complete specifications begin on page C69
SXF Series
  • All of the features of the SX Series
  • Encoder following controls speed and position of a slave axis based on speed and position of master axis encoder
  • Synchronizes speed and position based on registration marks
  • Change ratios “on the fly,” complex motion profiling
  • Complete specifications begin on page C69

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