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 APEX6151, APEX6152 and APEX6154

Compumotor's APEX6151, APEX6152 and APEX6154 are stand-alone, single-axis servo drive/controller systems. The APEX6151, APEX6152 and APEX6154 pack all the power and reliability of the 6000 family of controllers and APEX series of drives into one convenient package. All of the I/O points,

RS-232C control, operator interface options and following capabilities for single-axis applications are included. The following package can perform phase shifts, electronic gearbox, and flying cutoff functionality with ease. The APEX6151, APEX6152 and APEX6154 are designed to solve single-axis applications cleanly and completely. For multiple-axis applications, up to 99 APEX6151, APEX6152 and APEX6154s can be daisy chained to work together.

In order to speed your application development, the APEX6151, APEX6152 and APEX6154 come standard with Motion Architect, a Microsoft Windows-based development software.

Motion Architect contains many tools which allow you to easily create and implement motion programs. The optional Servo Tuner module for Motion Architect allows you to gather and display real-time move information. You can see the results of changing tuning values to optimize motion profiles. The APEX6151, APEX6152 and APEX6154 are also compatible with Motion Toolboxª and DDE Server.

The APEX6151, APEX6152 and APEX6154 use the 6000 Series command language. This popular language is powerful enough to implement complex motion control applications and simple enough to not overwhelm the novice programmer. The APEX6151, APEX6152 and APEX6154 are your single-axis solutions! Features

  • One axis of packaged servo control
  • Programmable update rates for servo loop as fast as 205 microseconds
  • Accepts brushless resolver feedback or hall effect sensors for commutation
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for servo control (PIV with velocity and acceleration feed-forward)
  • 1.2 MHz post-quadrature position feedback frequency
  • Over temperature, over voltage, short circuit protected
  • Internal power dump circuit to dissipate regenerated power from motor
  • Motors include over-temperature sensor
  • Home limit, positive and negative end-of-travel limits
  • 16 programmable inputs and 8 programmable outputs
  • Auxiliary high-speed, programmable inputs (2) and output (1) providing position capture or output on position to ±1 count at maximum encoder frequency
  • Dedicated hardware registers for commanded position, I/O, system status, axis status, and encoder position
  • Position-based following
  • Capability to interrupt program execution on error conditions
  • Variable storage, conditional branching, and math capability
  • Program debug tools - trace mode, break points, and simulation of I/O
  • Scaling of distance, velocity and acceleration
  • S curve or trapezoidal motion profiling
  • 150,000 bytes of nonvolatile memory for storage of programs and paths
Software Provided
  • Motion Architect, Microsoft Windows-based application development software
Optional Software
  • Servo Tuner provides graphical feedback of real-time motion information to make determining tuning gains simplistic
  • Motion Toolbox library of LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs) for icon-based programming of Compumotor's 6000 Series controllers with LabVIEW
  • Motion Builder provides a visual development environment for graphical icon-based programming of the 6000 Series products.
Interface Capability
  • Operates stand-alone or interfaces to computers or programmable logic controllers
  • Compatible with RP240 operator interface panel
  • Two RS-232C communications ports
  • Stand-alone package
  • Nine diagnostic LEDs
  • Same voltage input as APEX10/20/40

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