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 APEX10, APEX20 and APEX40

The APEX Series offers a competitively priced analog servo system for a wide variety of brushless servo applications. The APEX drives were designed with the user in mind, offering excellent servo performance while being easy to configure, tune, and apply.

The drives are designed by a concurrent engineering group with the goal to produce the easiest to use and highest reliability servo system available. Each drive incorporates the latest developments in power electronics, including a smart power block which interfaces directly to the control board. Each drive was designed for efficient and reliable manufacturing. The number of internal connections and fasteners is greatly reduced, increasing the reliability of the drive assembly.

The APEX10, APEX20 and APEX40 are offered with a variety of brushless servo motors to cover the majority of applications. They can accept either hall effect or resolver commutation feedback and can be configured for different pole pair motors.

The APEX10, APEX20 and APEX40 packages were made for easy and reliable installation. All connections are on removable screw terminals allowing simple installation and cable routing without having to cut off and re-attach a connector. The power and motor connections are separated (top and bottom of the unit) and recessed from the front panel for greater operator safety.

All APEX drives can operate in velocity or torque mode and are an excellent match with a servo controller for applications from point to point positioning to contouring.



  • Analog servo drive operates in torque mode or velocity mode
  • Accepts a standard 10V torque or velocity command input
  • Sinusoidal commutation for smooth, cog-free motion
  • Accepts brushless resolver feedback
  • Provides an incremental encoder output for analog servo controller
  • Simple velocity loop adjustments: Collective gain, and velocity integral gain.
  • No drive adjustments necessary when used in torque mode with a 6000 series controller.
  • Brushless servo motors are available from Compumotor: - Brushless resolver feedback - Speeds in excess of 7500 RPM - Torques up to 273 lb-in (31 NM) continuous, and 517 lb-in (58 NM) peak
  • Configurable to operate with other brushless servo motors: - Hall effect inputs for 6-state operation - Configurable motor pole pair count
  • Over temperature, over voltage, short circuit protected
  • Internal power dump circuit to dissipate regenerated power from motor
  • Motors include over temperature sensor
  • 120-240VAC, single- or three-phase, depending on model
  • Separate motor and logic power inputs
  • Nine diagnostic LEDs
  • Removable connectors on all signals for easy installation
  • High voltage leads (motor/power) are separated from low voltage signals
  • Dip switch configurable for easy set-up for Compumotor servo motors

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