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NeoMetric and J Series Motors

Innovative Bridged Stator Design

The NeoMetric Series brushless servo motors feature a bridged stator design. This state-of-the-art motor design establishes industry-leading torque to inertia ratios in a very compact package size.

The bridged stator construction also reduces audible noise generated by the motor. Conventional motor designs allow magnetic forces to act upon the stator teeth, creating movement in them much like a cantilever beam. The "bridges" between the teeth in the NeoMetric design effectively stiffen the teeth, reducing movement.

This same design principle also allows advanced manufacturing techniques. The two-piece stator lamination of the bridged stator design allows the slot opening, traditionally on the inside diameter, to be transferred to the outside diameter, simplifying winding insertion.

The NeoMetric Series brushless servo motors provide extremely high torque to inertia ratios. For applications involving a high inertial load, a larger rotor inertia may be desirable. The J Series motors were designed specifically for these types of applications. The J Series motors provide the same performance as the NeoMetric Series, but feature a higher rotor inertia.

The size 34 NeoMetric Series and J Series servo motors are available with integrated planetary gearheads in ratios up to 100:1. Our unique package integrates the gearhead pinion into the motor shaft, reducing the overall package length by up to 2 inches.


  • 70mm, 92mm, and size 34
  • 6 to 61 lb-in continuous torque
  • Brushless construction
  • High torque density packaging
  • Outstanding torque-to-inertia ratios
  • Bridged stator design - quiet operation
  • High performance neodymium magnets
  • Thermoswitch protection
  • TENV housing, IP65 option
  • Resolver, encoder, Hall feedback options
  • 10-day deliveries
  • Two year warranty
  • CAD (.dxf) drawings available
  • CE Compliant

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