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TQ10 Series

Cost Effective Brushless Servo Systems

The TQ Series servo drives from Compumotor bring high performance to a small, low cost brushless servo system. Without the need for an external power supply, the TQ series offers a cost effective solution to a number of brushless servo applications.

The TQ10 Series is offered with an array of Compumotor brushless servo motors. The drives are also compatible with many 3-phase, brushless motors utilizing hall effect feedback. All models are equipped with a recirculating PWM amplifier, providing reduced heating in the motor and drive. With speeds up to 7,500 RPM and continuous torque up to 320 oz.-in., the TQ system is well suited to meet the demands of today’s customers.

The TQ10 Series is available in three versions: TQ10, TQ10SD and TQ10X. The TQ10 is a torque amplifier, utilizing an industry standard ±10V analog input. It is directly compatible with industry standard servo controllers. The TQ10SD uses the same command interface found on most step motor amplifiers, allowing for easy upgrade from step motor, to the higher performance levels found in brushless servo systems. The TQ10X integrates a simple, yet powerful, servo controller with the TQ10 torque amplifier, creating a complete single-axis servo system.

Easy and reliable installation is accomplished by utilizing removable screw terminals for all connection points. Five diagnostic LEDs indicate seven different status and error conditions. The drives are housed in a rugged steel metal casing.

TQ series drives, whether matched with a Compumotor controller, or using an integrated controller, form a convenient and flexible system for solving a variety of motion control applications.



  • Torque mode operation with TQ10, ± 10V analog input
  • Step and Direction operation with TQ10SD, step and directional input
  • Built-in X Language controller with TQ10X, 2Kbyte BBRAM for non-volatile memory
  • Powered from standard 120V AC line
  • Recirculating PWM amplifier design
  • An array of Brushless servo motors are available providing torque up to 320 oz.-in. continuous and 640 oz.-in. peak


  • Over temperature protection for drive heat sink
  • Fully short circuit protected final power stage
  • Power dump circuit protects drive against regenerated power
  • Motors include thermal switch


  • 95-132VAC power input
  • Enable, Drive Temp, Motor Fault, Peak Current and Regen diagnostic LEDs
  • Removable connectors on all signals for easy installation

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