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Single- and Multi-Axis CE-Marked Digital Brushless Servo Systems



  • Fully EMC and LVD compliant when installed with recommended filters
  • Direct operation from voltages up to 460VAC
  • Velocity or torque mode operation
  • Three power ranges of single- and multi-axis drives
  • Accepts industry standard ±10V torque or velocity command input
  • Integrated power supply in single-axis units
  • Separate power module allows shared supply in multi-axis systems
  • Resolver feedback provides sinusoidal commutation for smooth, cog-free operation
  • AC brushless servo motors provide torque up to 531 in/lbs continuous and 1,328 in/lbs peak
  • No drive tuning necessary when used in torque mode with 6K or 6000 Series controller
  • Fully opto-isolated I/O circuits using PLC-compatible 24V signal levels
  • Provides incremental encoder output for analog servo controller


  • Over-temperature and over-voltage protected
  • Fully short circuit protected IGBT power stage
  • Completely enclosed metal casing for total electro-magnetic shielding
  • Motors include over-temperature sensor
  • Power supply module includes power dump resistors to dissipate regenerated power from motor


  • 460VAC 3-phase power input (+10%, -15%) (230VAC on SV2500S)
  • Three push buttons and 3-digit display for configuration and diagnostics
  • Ready and Error LEDs on power module and drive
  • Removable connectors on all signals for easy installation
  • IP20 enclosure with VDE0160 isolation rating

SV2500S, SV4500S and SV8500S (Single Axis) and SV200M, SV500M and SV1500M (Multi Axis)

The SV Series servo drive from Parker brings the benefits of microprocessor control to the classic analog servo amplifier. Combining the automated tuning and programmability of digital technology with the speed and response of analog circuitry, the SV series offers a cost-effective solution to a wide range of brushless servo applications.

The SV Series is offered with 8 brushless servo motors to cover the power requirements of a majority of applications. The drives can also be configured to run with most three-phase, brushless motors currently available utilizing resolver feedback. With speeds up to 5,000 rpm and a wide range of available shaft power, the SV is well suited to meet the demands of today’s customers.

The SV Series consists of three single-axis drives (SV2500S, SV4500S and SV8500S) and three multi-axis drives (SV200M, SV500M and SV1500M).

Easy and reliable installation is accomplished by utilizing removable screw terminals and "D" shell connectors for all connection points. The drives are housed in a rugged, fully enclosed metal casing, providing a high degree of protection as well as effective electromagnetic shielding.

All SV Series drives are easily configured to operate in either torque or velocity mode and, when matched with a Parker controller, form a powerful and flexible system for solving a variety of motion control applications.

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