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Dynaserv Drive MII Controller Drive

Dynaserv Controller/Drive

The Dynaserv Drive MII (DrvMII) is a single-axis servo motor programmable controller/drive, developed as the successor to the M-Type Drive/Controller. It optimizes the use of the Dynaserv direct drive rotary servomotors as well as the Linearserv linear servomotors. It incorporates a completely digital motion and position programmable controller with the well-established Dynaserv drive in a single package. The package size of the new DrvMII is approximately half the size of the current M-Type. It was designed to simplify the use of Dynaserv direct drive servo motor system especially in rotary indexing applications. DrvMII uses the I-PD control algorithm for precise motion and position control. The "auto tuning" feature simplifies servo tuning and decreases system setup time. Resolutions are increased by a factor of four for the DM series and a factor of two for the DR series. Improved settling time is realized due to the use of position feedforward gain, and the close proximity of the controller and drive modules.

The Dynaserv DrvMII now incorporates the use of almost all the Dynaserv motors (except the DR5000A series) and the Linearserv motors. RS232C and the PLC mode allow the user to manipulate the controller, with either a computer or a Programmable Logic Controller. Fieldbus communication options have been added to the DrvMII to allow control of the direct drives motors from a central machine controller or computer. Fieldbus can also simplify I/O wiring. Available fieldbus options are Profibus, Device Net and CC Link. Programs, parameters, configurations, and data settings can be stored in the Flash Read Only Memory (ROM). Since Flash ROM does not require battery backup, it makes for a very safe method for storing valuable setup information.

The DrvMII can be used to replace mechanical cam indexers and have to flexibility to change index number, index distance, acceleration, speed, etc. electronically, without replacing the dial indexer.


  • Auto Tuning
  • Fieldbus Communication - Profibus, DeviceNet, & CC Link
  • RS232 Communication
  • PLC Mode
  • Contact I/O
  • Dynaserv Resolutions to 4,096,000 pulses/rev
  • Linearserv Resolutions to 0.25 um/pulse
  • Indicator Lamps
  • Controls all Dynaserv motors and Linearserv linear motors (except DR5000A Series)
  • Flash Read Only Memory (ROM)
  • Windows 95/98 Utility Software (DrvMII Utility)
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